Thursday, February 11, 2016

I have joined The Splendid Sampler QAL!!

I did it. I joined Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson's The Splendid Sampler!!

I'm so excited for a bevy of reasons...

1.  To be a part of an online community. 
3.  To use my scraps!
4.  To have a long project to get excited about. 
5.  To get some newbie friends on a project with me. 
6.  To stay connected with some friends that have moved from Muscat on this project. 

Ok. That's all I can think of. 

Please go to the link above and scroll to the bottom-ish part of the Home page to start reading what this is about. 

I have decided to dig into my stash and use some scraps. I really do not want to buy any more fabric. As I was looking through my boxes I noticed I do not nor have I ever bought or owned a full fat quarter set???!!!  I shall remedy that...soon!!!  It's on my bucket list!!

So we had a bonus block before this shindig officially starts...

I thought of another reason.

Additional block sewn into the Folded Block Station

 The front of the Block Station
The back with my coveted fabric.  My six inch ruler is inside the pocket.
I chose my little bit of thready fabric and used a scrappy yellow with white stars. It was much smaller than I realized, the block that is. 

Jane deigned a little project to use this bonus block on called The Folding Block Station. You have to go to the site, click on the MENU link on the top left. Scroll down to the bottom and look for:
January 30, 2016, AUDITION YOUR FABRICS - FOLDING BLOCK STATION. It will be a good thing to have for 6" and smaller blocks. 

I then chose a variegated green for the backing. Anyway, at first I had no intention of making this but decided it would be useful for this next year as well as any tiny blocks I might want to make in the future. 

I got turned around and after careful scrutiny of other Folding Block Stations, I see my pocket opening is off. I still need to go back and retread the directions. 

So I look forward to starting on the 14th!  

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