Thursday, August 19, 2010

I have a thing for round spoons!

This is my favorite Arab dessert! It is called UMALI or OMALI. I named my son Ali so the Arabs would call me 'Um (mother of) Ali (son's name and usually the eldest one at that!). There were other, more intelligent reasons that we named our son Ali. I won't bore you with those details though! So, I took the kids to a restaurant for Iftar and it was ok! This, however, was the highlight for me. Traditionally, and I still need to master this dish; it is made with filo dough or croissants. There is cream and sugar and sultanas (golden raisins), and nuts. Can't remember which ones though. I just love it. You know, I would say it is like an American bread pudding. I have never had that though so can't fairly compare! I think my British buddies have mentioned that their bread pudding is drier than this Umali. I believe the origins date back to Egypt. I love the stuff! Especially the corners and the top where it is crusted over.

Here I am taking a bite. I had to pose for this. There is my little man whom is almost taller than I!

I have always had a thing for round spoons. I think they are called soup spoons. I don't care! I like them!

Here is my Lulu. She actually broke out of her diet and ate. This was like the fourth time around! We were miserable afterwards and couldn't make the movie. We were planning on seeing 'Inception' but ended up not going. We went home and moaned in front of the TV! We did, however, make it to see the movie a couple of nights ago. Anyone wanna go again with me?I need to see it again!

Thanks for stopping by. Tonight I made spaghetti off diet. I used Olive oil and whole wheat pasta and lots of veggies. It was ok. I think it needed more salt but I had already put sooooo much in!

Again, thanks for dropping by and I hope to be up and running next week with some projects!


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

I love Umm Ali too. Wow Amal has lost so much weight, she looks so different, well done sweetie!

Alia said...

Oh Isra, she has! Bless her little heart. She has worked so very hard. I will show her your reply and it will certainly make her feel so good! We were leaving Carre Four the other day and I ran into a friend whom is Mexican and she was talking to me in Spanish and started talking to Amu in Spanish and then I told her, 'she doesn't understand' and my friend realized it was Amu and she was shocked! Did not recognize her! That was so good for her ego!! It is hard for her though. I'm grateful she 'got it' and has learned and will not let herself 'go'! Thanks!!