Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hexagon update 412

People, it has been a while.  So much has happened.  I take all my photos with the intent of putting them on my blog. computer died and I lost all, ALL, a.l.l., A L L my photos and tunes!  I got a new computer after a week of waiting and retrieved what I could which was not much and so here I am.  I'm still learning how to use my new MacBook Pro!

Two weeks ago, Jo and Meg shared their stashes with me for the hexagon project.  It was tremendously generous and I came home and immediately made up the hexes.  Here is my process.  Thank you guys!  Oh, I must mention that I laid out all the hexes and the darned thing was so small; that is why they pitched in to help me.  

I roughly cut out 2 1/2" squares from various fabrics that were presented to me.  

I have a LOT of freezer paper hexagons so was able to iron them on when I got home.

I'm trying to fan my stash!

I saved all the snippets as I will be making a quilt using them soon.

Here they are all ready to be basted and added to the stash.

I'm trying to retrieve more photos.  See you soon.

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