Sunday, June 3, 2012

I did it!

I finished a quilt top!  I can't quilt it until I quilt two others that have been sitting around for one and a half years!  I finished one of those!


First of all, Ali hung my Peek A Boo quilt in my sewing room.  He also helped me hang his name so my wall isn't so one sided!

I was quilting his quilt here over the chair.

The quilting I chose to do was a basic criss cross using my walking foot.  It went pretty smoothly.

Here you see me quilting on the middle part.

Another sample of the quilting.  I was emphasizing the block which consisted of 25 squares. 

I chose this Cat Tail blue for the binding as the border was a squiggly as well.  Blue as it was for Ali and seemed the most appropriate for this quilt.

I zoomed out on this one.  Love the whole aesthetic!

I spent many hours sewing on the binding.  It actually started hurting my arm.  Uki knew this  you see, and stopped me!  She jumped on my lap late last night and then I realized that I was in pain and it was passed 1:30am.

I like to use these binding clips to hold my binding on as I work down towards my left.  I have a whole system.

I don't know why I took two pics here.  But I will talk about the dragon fabric.  I did not have enough so had to add yellow to it to piece the backing.  It is so Ali.  He told me the other day, in a way a sweet 13 year old boy would, that the front had, "Just  a little too much pink, Moooommmm!!!".  Hmmmm, bummer!

Ta da!  Here is the finished quilt!  I really like it and the simplicity of the quilting.

And here is the lucky boy.  Amal is on the other side holding it up.  I think he will sleep with it tonight!  It feels good to get this done!  I started on Amal's Scrap Quilt already too.  So pretty!

Here is the backing.  He likes this side more!

Thanks for stopping by.  I am determined to finish my daughter's quilt.  Then, I will be piecing together the left over batting from these two and basting my recent top.  I don't know if I will get that quilted before I go home to the UNITED STATES!!!

I'm coming home Mami!


❤ αmαℓ said...

It looks nice, mashallah :)

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

Thanks!! He is sleeping under it right now!!!