Sunday, April 7, 2013

Another Aneela Hoey tutorial; the Tissue Box Cover!!

I made this tissue box cover from Aneela Hoey's tutorial found here.  It was another easy to follow pattern!  I really appreciate that!

However, the tissue box size did not coordinate with what is sold here in Oman.  So my friend Jo taught me how to measure (math is not my strong suit!) the tissue box that I actually keep on hand and here it is....further down...


Uki helping me cut the fabric for this project.

She is so much fun to play with!

Here I, uh, WE were marking lines for quilting.

I used one of my favorite tools; the Kwik Klip to baste.

The quilting was fun.  I used one of the kid's yellow watercolor pencils and quilted using almost the same shade of yellow thread.  I see that I did not use the walking foot!  

All done!

The pieces are ready for sewing the binding to the back.

Sewing the binding.

Uki, every step of the way with me!


Wheras the above looks good; it was way too tight across the top and the length was short.  This is the power of photography!  I ripped the ends trying to get it to fit on.



I decided to stipple it all over.  It was looking like a whole lot of pink...

I like my binding clips.

I decided to do some decorative stitching on the binding parts.  I love it!

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Jean(ie) said...

Both are cute. Sorry the first one ripped. Poo!
Looks like Uki loves sewing... or choosing fabric. tee hee!

By the way, I am LOVING that beautiful floral fabric draped in the background of one of the photos. That would make a beautiful hijab!

Anonymous said...

we want you to post a shot of ali and amal to show how much taller now ali is than amal

Muscat Quilt Guild said...

Who is this anonymous person asking about my kids???

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Love the project and the little helper! :)