Saturday, May 18, 2013

Snippets Technique

A few of us finally got together to learn the Snippets technique. I had to end it rather quickly but here are some shots!

So far; it's been a good way to learn using landscapes.  This scene is purple flowers on a forest bed.  It's very interesting indeed.  

Here we put a frame around the image to see that it is clear.

This one is Jo's.  I really like the shimmery water and all that color.  She was innovative enough to do that.  I'm still way inside the box!!

I found some photos!  Here we are getting our workspace ready and cutting, cutting and cutting!

Jo was like a demon!  She was so fast and so was Corinne! I was very slow...

Here Paramjeet is helping the ladies with their vision.

Jo's house was packed and shipped so I lent her my Janome.  It was fun to sew on her again!  We put a piece of black net over the picture.  Then we just did little circles all around with monofilament thread.

 There you have it.  A very busy afternoon with the guild meeting for us quilters held in the morning.


Jean(ie) said...

Oh what a fun technique! I dearly love it! That is cool!

Anonymous said...

Superb work and great step by step photos. Thank you.