Thursday, November 19, 2009

Busy week, have a look!


As usual, Uki 'helped' me out while I was working HARD on my Spiderweb Quilt. She got a hold (ok, maybe I threw it at her!? ;0) of a long strip of fabric. She is so much fun!

Of course, I took a much needed break to watch and capture her playing. I had to make sure she wouldn't actually eat it, because she would ya know!

We bought this little foofy bed at Build a Bear, now available in Dubai and originally from St. Louis, yeah! We gave it to Uki and she LOVES it!! I put it at the end of my table as she would inadvertently always sit right in the middle of my work. It is working out a charm! She loves it! You can sort a see my SWQ in progress on the right.

She was going to town.


I made Tahari the other day. It took about three hours and it doesn't look so great here with the evening yellow-y cast over it but it is good eatin'! Hear??


Here is my Lulu in the front with the Omani outfit. Her school put on QUITE a performance for the 3rd Annual UN Day Concert. Her part was at the end for the Parade of Nations, and Ali performed in the themed A Night With The Stars. She looked beautiful with her stuff on and holding the Omani flag. Jill taught me well as I was able to put on her jewelry and veils by myself! The second night, she chose to sit in the audience with me while Ali performed. There are 65 nationalities at the ABA and yesterday, the 18th of November is Oman's National Day and His Majesty's birthday.

Here is a sweet picture of Amal on the right with her two friends; Farah from Malaysia in her national dress and Charlotte from Holland. Aren't they beautiful??!!

The second night's performance, Ali sang backup of a Hindi song for this talented young girl. The song is Taare Zameen Par.


Ahhh, now, for this beauty! The roses were difficult and frustrating! It took a lot to get my icing just right. Finally, I got it and successfully made these. My friend made the center one.

My two friends Laila from Time for Tea and Isra from Sew 2B Happy could not make it for a tasting today (Thursday, Happy Bday Lulu!!), you can join me for the next one! I then picked up lovely Paulina from school yesterday, with my two, and Larissa, her mom, met us at home with Duncan Donuts! The kids had the donuts and Larissa and I had my cake and a VERY strong cup of coffee! Sorry Papi (my dad), Soy Colombiana y no puedo hacer una taza de cafe! L and I had fun on the computer ;0 and she liked my cake so much she told me that we should open a cafe!!??

Here is Larissa with a piece and very, VERY happy!!

MMMMMMMMmmmmm good!


Then, I took the kids to Cafe Ceramique and froze my butt off man! We had a great time and when we got home and the kids went to bed, Uki was waiting for me to get back to sewing! Where is my hubby in all this? He left for Dubai for a few days for the Dubai Golf Cup.

So, lots more happened this week but I don't have pics so will omit! Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Ok first up that cake looks awesome!!!!!!! Whaaa that we missed it but thanks for understanding and Lulu had a lovely birthday pampering morning. Three hours to make one dish, you are on very patient women Alia! We must catch up a coffee, is there any cake left??????? hugs to the kids from me...

Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique said...

WOW You have been busy and the cake looks so good and tasty!

IS there something you cant do Alia?

Alia said...

Clodagh (love that name!!): Thanks, I put mixed fruit jam in the middle to stick the layers together. I'm glad I did otherwise icing would have been too much. There is some left!!! I'm so glad Lulu and Noora had a lovely morning. How you and Laila must have felt to see the two of them!! How darling!! Yeah, Indian cooking takes for freaking ever! Worth it though. You coming tomorrow?

Mayya!: There is plenty I can not do! I try my hand at creative things and have been struggling to become good at it! I mean REALLY good! When are we going to see you???