Sunday, November 22, 2009

Maya's Birthday is today!

It's my friend Maya's birthday today. Happy Birthday Maya!! I made this cake for her this morning and it was a hit. It is a Lemon Poppyseed Cake. The glaze was very nice. I put chopped up lemon rind and lemon juice in it!

Here we are, my Sunday Hardanger group. That is Supriya, the hostess in the back in blue and white; Maya, the birthday girl in orange in front of the cake. Oh, those are her roses we got her for her new house she is moving into! Then, in the back row we have Sylvie, sorry, we caught you with your eyes closed! In front of her is Megumi in the purple and then that is me on the right. My sheila slipped off my head!

It is a different picture with Anisa there where Supriya was. We dressed in our national dress to commemorate (?) Oman's National Day on the 18th. Anisa is Philipino, married to an Omani so she wore a gelabia (long dress and I know that is not spelled right!) You can see it is colorful and was very pretty. Maya is wearing a shalwar khameez as she is Indian as is Supriya. Sylvie is French but did not dress up! That's ok! Then, Megumi is Japanese so has on her 'summer kimono'. Then, I dressed up as a Baluchi.

I wanted to show you all the center gold bangle. It is so pretty. Solid gold. Waqar picked it up in Dubai for me when he went there and Iran a couple of months ago. The other two I wear on a daily basis. I like the clink.

Well, I have to run now to get the kids! See you all in a bit.


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

What a nice post, you look like you had a lovely time.

Alia said...

Thank you Isra. We did enjoy it. I'm pooped though! Yesterday, without a car for most of the day, I just chilled on the sofa and watched tv and well, I worked on a quilt. The neverending one.

Mira said...

looks like fun!

Alia said...

Hi Mira, thanks!