Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Prince Andrew was in town and at our school!

Here is Amal after the first two pieces are put on. The gold you see on her head are real gold.
A scarf is put on and my dear friend, Jill, is putting on for size the piece that goes under the chin. We ended up not putting it on as it would put permanent holes in the delicate fabric and we just could not do that. Then a second scarf is laid on top and hangs over as you see below. It is pinned in!!
My friend Jill is the Julia Al Zadjali, director of the COD (Center for Omani Dress) here in Muscat and she was my expert in dressing my beautiful girl! Thank you Jill!!! muaahhh!!
Here are a bunch of dudes in suits and HRH Prince Andrew, Duke of York talking to Mrs. Mona Nashman Smith, the ABA's (America British Academy and the school my kids go to) Superintendent talking at the end of his visit. I do know that the men in the formal Omani attire are Oman's Secret Service. Cool huh??
Here is a closer look.
And here she is. I am such a proud Mama!! You can see just under her green scarf a long necklace. This is also real gold and all thanks to my lovely SIL Hanaa for letting us borrow all the gold.
Here we are in the car and yes, I am taking a picture with my iPhone while driving. Poor thing was so hungry as she did not get the chance to eat lunch so we ran to the grocery store and bought her some Sushi. She LOVES it!! I thought it was such a cool contrast of the Omani girl eating Sushi, so snap!! That would make a nice name for a quilt!! Have a look at the handwork and detail! Beautiful!!

For my family: Ali went home with Jill for the duration of this event! Then, I ran and picked him up after we went to the store.


Siddis-in-houston said...

She is beautiful!
What a nice dress, I did not know that they use real gold.
This family love sushi too..

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Amal looks so beautiful and grown up! As for andrew my goodness he has aged!!! Hmmmm I guess that just means I have too LOL.

Alia said...

Thanks you two! It was such a nice experience for me. I have never seen her dressed up like this and perhaps for me, the 'real' gold was a thrill too!

nima said...

wow...amal looks pretty in omani costume....

Amal said...

*blush* thank you all! Lol, no im not incredibly vain. It was HEAVY man! Im SOOOOO not looking forward to wearing it again any time soon! :P

Amal said...

You still owe me a night out at some Japanese Sushi Bar! :P

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Very lovely indeed!