Monday, February 8, 2010

IKEA Delivery!!!

Hey, this happened like two weeks ago. I had the new Studio flooring put in and if I haven't mentioned it yet; it needs to be replaced. The quality was awful and it was damaged the first day. We went round and round and finally opted to go with a different company. Oh, the saga and dramas of flooring!

It was pretty and it is pretty. I picked a much darker one. No date on when they will be laying that.

I borrowed the old office chair from my desk in my bedroom. That desk is going and so I nicked the chair. This is the first thing that I moved in my new Studio!!

Then, after I had moved a lot of stuff in the Studio and the men were knocking out the ceiling; our truck from Ikea in Dubai arrived! Yippee!!

A glorious 141 boxes of S C H T U F F!!

The local company that delivers to Oman from UAE only provided two men. I felt so bad for them!!

I got so mad at the ceiling guys because they always leave the screen or 'net' as they call it open. Thank you guys for all the mosquitoes and flies and bugs that entered our home! You can see some of our furniture made it outside!

Whew, almost done!! These are the big ticket items and Waqar was just looking. I tried to get him to do a jig for me but alas, he wouldn't play!

The guys heard me trying to persuade Waqar to do this jig and were laughing!

There is the painter. He is doing these side walls white and then there is a shocking blue. I hope Waqar's vision pans out and it makes me happy to be in here! We put all the furniture in the middle of the rooms as the man was painting and another man was putting up wooden baseboards or 'skirting' as they say here.

Lots has gone really wrong. We have 40 steps from the upstairs to our roof. I have been using those steps for the litter box and for my storage of crafts. Yesterday, it rained so very hard here and before the rain hit; the painter did not tell me he was actually painting. I thought he was prepping the walls. Anyhow, he put all my stuff that I have collected over the years on the roof. He opened the roof door for ventilation, I get it. Not a problem. However....when the rains came, he put a plastic cover over it and was watching the rain. The rain hits hard that side and the water was pouring into the house and running down the side of the steps and falling into the rolled up Persian carpets. WITH GREEN PAINT! Yes, we are painting our hallways green. The stupid fool was just watching my very expensive Quilting frames shipped from America get soaked. All my fabric stash (washed, ironed and neatly folded) that is to go into my new Studio was in plastic containers out there. I made him bring in about 40 packages. I was so mad. I opened the most expensive items, the frame (Hinterberg) and my SEWING MACHINE! The frame is alright and so is the machine but still. Now, he is back again doing the second coat and I am waiting for the rain to start up again. There is so much more but I won't bore you all. So, six weeks into this home remodeling is getting to me! I did assemble a couch on my own though. Pictures to follow....

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Laila said...

Great Stuff Aliya, can't wait to see it in the flesh!

Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique said...

ooh my what an ordeal look on the bright side you will have a GREAT sewing room cant wait to see it!

Susan said...

Oh, I would have been so MAD! Sounds like you have to watch those workers like a hawk!

I'm glad the machine was OK, that's a huge deal. Phew!