Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lots to catch up on!

Thanks to Isra for letting me know that I did not post anything!! I have been having a hellish time with my internet connection. I got a new router and all is well but now the internet does not work in my new Studio so I am in the hallway or typing on top of boxes! So, here we go...

We went to Dubai to Ikea to choose all our new stuff. Love the blue and yellow! I got so excited and got this shot of the kids with Waqar walking in the parking lot towards the doors.

I'm not that savvy a photog so they posed for me, bless them! This embarked nine glorious hours of choosing 13 trolley's and 141 packages of furniture for the Studio; the kid's rooms; the Living Room and the Dining Room! Yeah baby!

Back in Oman last week we started to get rid of the furniture. In the far room, which is the DR, we started knocking out the ceiling. They started with the blue tarp on the floor. Meanwhile, the other men were taking out the furniture. Bye bye you freaking couch! No animosity here! Bye bye you bleepity bleep God forsaken ugly and O L D carpet! Clap clap!!

Well well! There they are! We had been looking for all of Uki's balls! They got caught under the couch!

Eek! Here is my sewing room. We need to get the Studio floor changed as what they gave sucks. More photos on that later. Then, all this stuff goes in the Studio and we can start knocking out the ceiling here and painting and all that!

The other side of my old room. That hideous couch is going to a new home that is yet to be determined! Yikes! I have Ikea shelves for sale! I have five but sold two already. I have three left!

Just so you can see how they are knocking out the ceilings. It gets really dusty and we asked them not to brutally destroy them but to slide them out so as not to emit so much dust. Did they listen?, heck no!

The poor kitties are freaked at all the noise. Especially Peaches. She has really been suffering. The vet told me to bring her to a friends' house or to the vet's for a few days. I have kept her with me. Does anyone know a vet in town that will declaw these two babes?

Now they were in the LR and the ceiling is gone. This is the rubble that needed to be picked up. See how he had to cover his face because of the DUST??!!

Waqar came home just in time to save the Bose speakers. You can see that a lot of smaller furniture is outside. Just today we brought it all in as it is supposed to rain tonight.

That is all from this one day. I'll come back and post more from last week's activities!


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Ummm Alia, did I miss the actual post somewhere? LOL.

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Very exciting. Now what happened to the post you posted yesterday I can't find it and my internet went down last night as I tried to open it???
Which IKEA shelves are for sale???
I am so excited for you ...

Alia said...

Hi. I will post a better picture. They are open shelves.