Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Garage Conversion to my Studio! Day 5 and then some...

I got a package! An ETSY package!

First, gotta show you the gecko that was on my window two nights ago. It caught a bug!

Yum yum! I couldn't shoot it quick enough to get it licking its' lips and then its' eyes!

Here it is! It is a Sewing Organizer from FlossieBlossoms. You can find her site here. You can find her Etsy shop here. She posted a tutorial on how to make this item but who am I kidding? With all the renovations going on here; it will be a long time before I get to really sew!!

She sent me this lovely note and some 'cat collars' in case I DO get around to making one!

This is it inside. There is so much involved here and you can refer to her sites to see what each thing is meant for. I can't wait to use mine and will need one more!!

Ok. The 'cat' is out of the bag! I chose WHITE for my Studio! The room kept getting smaller and smaller and so I figured white would work best for lighting purposes. This is the garage door that has been covered up. I still need to put the floor down! I chose it and hopefully next week I will get it! The window needs to be cleaned out still too but I am so glad that we kept it! It is just a little bit more natural light.

Here is the window where the side door of the garage used to be! Hallelujah! It is finally in. One problem, they forgot the 'net' or the screen! It is fixed on the top and on the bottom. The center opens up so I can get the lovely wintertime breeze. Yeah baby!

The additional electrical sockets went in yesterday as well as the 'skirting' or baseboard. All before the flooring got put in? Hello? Apparently, the wooden baseboards were painted black and are thick. They will look nice and serve a double purpose of hiding the wires. I got sockets put on all the walls! Yeah baby! I still need the original yucky sockets and switch plates replaced.

Since the two original entrances of the garage were on the side and the front where the big double black doors-now a wall were; the light switches were on those walls. Now, whenever I walk into my STUDIO, I have to cross the room to get to the light! I will figure that one out. I hope we can do something about that! I will probably need a nightlight in there at all times!

I still need the split unit put in for the summer. I need new furniture in there too and all my lovely schtuff!

Thanks for stopping by, even you lurkers!


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

oh it is getting there Alia, and congrats on the etsy mail .. very nice.

Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique said...

How exciting i love getting crafty mail :) the sewing organizer looks great

and i cant wait to see how your sewing room will turn on, very exciting!

Alia said...

Thanks gals!

coolcool654 said...

great ...........................................................

Susan said...

I'm so glad you got your organizer OK and that you like it! It's truly one my personal favorites- that color and fabric combo. Came out great, I think.

I even sold out of them, so I have 13 more of them started, phew!

Your studio is looking great, Alia, I'm excited for you!

Alia said...

Aw, thanks ladies. Susan, I took this organizer to Dubai with me this past weekend and it was great! Thanks again!