Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Success in the Kitchen, yet again!

This stuff is DAAAN-GEEERRRR-OUS!!! Oh, my, GOD,!! It is called Monkey Bread and I came across it and it triggered many memories of a few 'American' families that would have this treat on occasion. I remember loving the gooey-ness and the nuts. So, Amal and I made it. It is a fun thing to make with the kids but we both cringed at the ingredients! I can post the recipe when I come back from Dubai. We couldn't wait to 'try' it and so therefore could not wait for it to be fully cooled and displayed. That is why the stuff is taken from the bottom and not the top. It certainly is a dish to make for company. Not for just two of you! I did end up throwing away a great deal of it! I know, I need to invite some peeps over to help me with my baked goods.

So, we are off to Dubai in a few hours and I still have to 'find' my clothes!! So much going on in this house right now. We hope to be going to:

Dubai Mall:
-Rainforest Cafe (newly opened)
-Aquarium (been there but Amal wants to go again)
-Kunikuniya (Japanese Book store and has LOTS of American books! Yes!)
-Roxy (Amal loves her clothes from OZ)
-Billabong ( " )

Festival City:
-Build a Bear (didn't I just spend a fortune for Xmas there???)
-I freaking KEA!!! (FOR MEEEEEEEE! Well, the house)
-Outback Steakhouse (FOR MEEEEEEEEE... oh the kids too, yep, they love them a good American steak)
-Toys R Us (no doubt for Ali)



Good eating too at the newish hotel in Media City. Should be an adventure and oh, my, gosh!

We will certainly try to get to see the TALLEST BUILDING IN THE WHOLE WORLD, which just opened up. Burj Khalifa here we come!!



Laila said...

Hey, I came across the monkey bread earlier this week and wanted to gove it a go. Look super....Have fun in Dubai xx

nima said...

have nice time in dubai...

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

I am Jea-loooous girl! Enjoy !