Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Garage Conversion to my Studio! Day 3

Day 3:
Surprise, surprise! God, how important is communication and understanding of that communication?? Muy Importante!! That's what I say! Late in the afternoon today the dude shows up with a crew and they got started on the ceiling! Yay!! This is a view as I was walking up to the Studio from the side and saw through the door that they had begun working on covering up the garage doors. I managed to keep the window on the top for that added natural light! See it with the criss-cross or whatever that is called on top? They covered it up with gypsum. Pretty cool. Here though, they are putting up an aluminum frame.

Here they primed the concrete around the door frame in preparation to paint it.

There is my beautiful new ceiling!! The only thing is that it dropped down by at least 2 feet! Perhaps more! I just hope the lighting is great!

You can see the silver or aluminum frame.

I chose my color! However, I hope to keep it a surprise and let you all know once it is painted! They primed this too.

They are putting up the gypsum wall. The owner doesn't want us to change the aesthetic of the house so we had to keep the outside of the black garage doors intact. So we are covering it up to give the room more security. This is getting exciting!


Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique said...

Looking Great Alia i cant wait to see it all finished..and excited to see what colour you choose to paint your sewing room

Alia said...

Thanks Mayya! There has been a lot of work being done today on my Studio and on the maid's room! Still need to take pictures! Stay tuned!