Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordfull Wednesday

Cocoa over from Chocolate on My Cranium has started up her lovely Wordfull Wednesday!

This week it is all about family! Wow, let's see....

My Mami:

This was a wedding photo in Colombia.

My Papi:

I just had a tooth pulled. I am in the middle. My sister on the left and my dad.

My sister:

My sister had polio. That is why we left Colombia and came to the United States. My Mom left her parents and 15 brothers and sisters. Yep! Here is my Mom pushing my sister as we were at the zoo and it has always been difficult for my sister to walk much. This picture also completely captures my entire being. God knows what I was thinking!!

My Husband:

Here he is in formal Omani dress. I think he was going to a meeting with some ministry and perhaps with a royal. Can't remember. He has on what is called a Musar on his head. This is very formal. He has his Khanjar on around his waist on his belt. It is an Omani dagger. The white 'dress' is called a dishdasha. He wears leather sandals with this.

My daughter:

This is the coolest kid! She has been such a joy all her life. Just today she told me that she is the only kid that is 'friends' with her mother. This is not cool apparently and all she asked me was not to embarrass her on Facebook again! Hmmm... She is holding Oreo, our outside kitty.

My boy:

My son is so me! In so many ways. I see myself in him a lot. He is so funny and sweet and cute. He is so stubborn at times and hard to deal with but he is always my boy!

I would post about my kitties; Peaches and Uki but I have posted so much about them I think you all know already!!

Here is a picture of my mom's family. Five members are missing:

Gosh, that is my Grandmother or Abuelita Elvira and next to her is my Grandfather or Abuelito Jorge. The very top left blonde is my Mom! Then, the center boy is my Tio Pedro or Uncle Pedro. He is the only one that I grew up with on my Mom's side. The one on the far right passed away about two years ago. All in all, there were 16 kids in total; my Mom is #11 and there were 10 girls and 6 boys. There are three boys left and 8 girls left. My grandmother was a seamstress and made all their clothes that they are wearing. My paternal grandmother was also a seamstress! Perhaps the sewing machine was just meant to be for me!

Thanks for stopping by and having a bit of a read about my family.


kjha said...

Those pictures are awesome!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

The Omani dress is fascinating! Enjoyed seeing your family photos too. Your children are beautiful.

P.S. I like your header! Did you sew that?

JRoberts said...

I love to see all the different cultures and traditions that we carry with them.

What an amazing heritage to pass on to your children.

Meg said...

Lovely of you to remember your growing up years as your wrote of your life now.

Nice to "meet" you as well.

Alia said...

Hi! Thank you ladies. Cocoa: yes, I made and quilted all three of these quilts. I am thinking of changing the picture again though! Did NOT make the kitty though!! Thanks for stopping by!

Aimee said...

What wonderful family pictures! I really enjoyed getting to know a little about you and your family. Thank you for explaining all about your husband's Omani dress. How fascinating!

Alia said...

Thank you Aimee and nice to see you again!!