Saturday, January 9, 2010

Poplo, an Omani dish

A friend of mine invited me over a few years ago to learn some Omani Belushi (tribal) dishes. Of the three or four, these two are our favorites! It is a dish called Poplo made of Tuna fish (fresh). I use the pressure cooker and have added more green chilis to make it spicier for my family. Then, the carrot salad that you see is meant for another dish but I made it for this dish and we all loved it so there you go; a new combination is born! We eat it with rice made with dahl (orange lentils) and/or chipatti's (Indian flat bread). Every time that I try to make Chipatti; they turn out like crackers so I just buy them locally. The kids and I like just the chipatii but my hubby likes the rice and the bread. You dip your bread in the gravy and then pull apart of piece of the tuna and some salad and in it goes! Yum Yum!!

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