Sunday, January 17, 2010

Garage Conversion to my Studio! Day 2

Day 2:
The kids came home from school and I just had gotten my paint samples to try on the wall. Of course, they wanted to help and it was good for them so I let them! I painted the darker pink, and Ali painted the apricot and then Amal painted the blue. I DON'T LIKE THE BLUE!

I was, 'eh', about the darker pink and when Ali painted the Apricot, I was like, 'ew'.

Here is the more secure door in place. We still need to paint and do something with the floor to cover the concrete and paint the walls white again. See where the old lock was? It left an ugly mark. I'm kinda grossed out by the fact that this door was on the outside with creepy crawlies!!

The dude left this completely open! I tried to sweep the debris to one corner so I wouldn't stumble and also so I would not track the floor crap in the main house but see this? There will be a window of sorts before long.

Standing from the new doorway, on the left you see this. The black doors are the garage double doors that will be covered up. There is a small window on the top with wordwork and I want to keep that natural light in so Waqar will build the new wall around that for me and have it cleaned out of the bird nests! The landlord doesn't want to lose the aesthetic of all his properties.

Here are the colors. Of course they don't look so clear on the computer. There is:

1. Blue
2. Dark Pink
3. Apricot
4. Light Pink

No way.

I like this one the best but would have never, I mean NEVER thought of ME having a PINK room!! The size of the room dictates that the color I choose be very light. I will be losing about 12 to 18 inches in height too as they will be putting in a ceiling with better and brighter lighting. One thing that has me very concerned is that there is only one electrical socket. I don't know enough about this subject to know if I can have more put in. Where the socket is, is on the other side of the wall from the maid's room and bed. I sew late into the night and the thought of bothering her, whomever she may be and whenever I may get one, well, it doesn't sit well with me! We'll just have to work on that one!

Apricot. Hmm.....this is Ali's favorite and my gardener's favorite! It is too bright and it would just be too much I think!

This last one is light pink. The other one has red undertones whereas this one has blue. It is the lightest of the bunch and most unassuming. However, I like the other pink as it has more va-voom! It is more me but I am still not sure about Pink.

My husband said my studio should be Pink and White. I asked why and he said, "Because pink and white are your colors!" and I said, "What?" and he said, "You look so pretty in Pink and white!" Awww...

Tomorrow, we will change the ceiling tiles in the guest bathroom and I don't know what else!

Thanks for stopping by. I have some serious finagling to do with Ali's uniform now and errands to run and a nice warm couch to crash on!


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

awwwww ur hubby is sweet! Alia you beed to get them to run the electrical to point to where ever you want it, do it NOW while it is easier to do. Lets face it you are going to be using a machine, possibly a lamp, computer?, printer, I would get them to run the cable around the bottom of the floor boarding in that casing stuff so it looks neat and have a double socket. Just thinking I have usually a machine and serger going at the same time, laptop, desk light, radio / iPod, printer and iron going at the same time. If i was renovating and the power box could take the load I would run a double socket on at least two walls if not three. But that is me ... ;-) Pink is nice...

Susan said...

Oh, I agree with Clodagh- as the wife of an electrical engineer, get your outlets in NOW before it's a major chore that will never get done and you'll be tripping over extension cords for the rest of your life! If there are any outlets on the other side of any of your walls, an electrician can tap into those with little effort.

As for paint- I have mediocre lighting and had a pale yellow for about 18 years and just switched last year to a pale aloe green. They both work for me and don't bite with all my stuff. For what it's worth, Alia! Have fun with your new studio, this is soooo exciting!

Alia said...

Thanks gals! I need to ride Waqar (my hubby) on this. You are right, before the floors get put in and the ceiling gets put in and the walls get painted. There is only one double socket and yes, I would have:

1. A lamp or two.
2. The sewing machine (BERNINA, HERE I COME!!)
3. The iPod
4. My laptop

I can't think of what else as Ali is talking to me and i need to get out of the house now.

Laila said...

I only have the one socket in my space on the top floor and am waiting for my brother to put some trunking in so that I don't have to trip over extensions, also it worries me sometimes that I could be over-loading the socket. I had the house repainted this past summer in a very neutral ivory (from joutun). I love it, my mum liked it enough that she has had her room repainted in the same colour, if you want to have a look then feel free to pop round.

As for the door, have them tak it down and sand it and then revarnish. Have fun! xx