Thursday, January 14, 2010

I get to meet an interesting woman tonight!

With all the excitement of the house renovation and MY STUDIO being started on; I forgot that this evening is a talk that I am so lucky to get to go to regarding this remarkable New Zealander woman whom went with a friend in 1978 traveling and ended up in Petra in Jordan. She married a bedouin from the region and wrote a book about her experiences spanning 7 years living in the caves and living like the bedouin. You can find more information here. I am so excited for the talk and to meet her! I too came over to the Middle East but did not marry a bedouin and did not live in a cave; but my story is interesting none-the-less! Perhaps someday I will write a book myself!


Susan said...

I'm excited about your studio! Hope you have fun (had fun?) at the meeting, too.

If you get a second, I sent you an email and hope to hear back within the next couple of hours..... I hope you're still home. Thanks, Alia!

Susan said...

Alia, I resent the email, I think it was a conflict between gmail and yahoo..... anyway, in case you didn't get that one- on my blog you can find a tutorial for the organizer, did you know that? I haven't sent your package yet, so you can change your mind if you want, no problem. Just let me know. :)