Thursday, January 21, 2010

Garage Conversion to my Studio! Day 4

People are starting to freak me out! So many people have told me that I'm very open on my blog and these people are just not into putting their business out there. ??? Don't worry, if you are reading my blog; you don't necessarily know me. There is a whole lot more to me than what I post here. So, moving right along as one day I hope my Momma gets someone to let her see this and read it! Lizzie, I know she gets on when I prompt her to! The rest of you keep coming back.

DAY 4:

Today I had ten men in and out all day. Friends in and out all day long and the Studio got it's final coat of paint. It is looking really good! I have so much junk, good junk, useful junk that I need to find homes for. Dar al Atta (charitable organization here) is going to get a few trips worth of stuff!

The maid's room has been my black hole. I say that lovingly! I threw everything in there that did not fit anywhere else! Well, we have been doing extensive work to that room too. We put tiles on the bathroom floor; put in a commode versus the Asian toilet that is a porcelain hole in the ground (yuuuk!). The people from this region say that it is good to squat and relieve yourself. You are sure to get rid of it all. Hey, I say, I have nooooo problem with the tried and true Western commode way, thank you very much! Let's see, we painted the room and will get new blinds, oops, I forgot to have the men measure for that! Ok. The next time they come. We yanked out the little kitchen sink and cabinet and are building a huge almost ceiling to floor cabinet but, uh-oh, they made it about as deep as my hand. Hello? Must I do everything? So, Wacker (my hubby) let them have it. So, thank God he saw it before they drilled it into place as now they took it back out and will have to start from ground zero. One day wasted there!

I also was doing a end of the day inspection and some twit broke the newly painted door from the inside of my studio. Hello? They tried to paint over it and I guess were hoping I would not notice. Way-car (my hubby) was HOT! He was so mad.

The workers have ruined two mops, a few trash cans, have blemished our beautifully and newly laid tiles. That' alright, we will clean it up, oh, I mean they will clean it up. Who am I kidding; I'll be out there on their heels cleaning up as it should be!

I have to take tomorrow, Friday, our holy day, or in other words, the only day of the week that they won't be here working, to get busy cleaning out the kid's rooms so that we can get rid of things that we don't want after all; sort of a second cleaning sweep and prepare for the new furniture to come.

Then, when these two rooms are done, hopefully this next week; they will start inside the house again! Gosh, we will be at this for weeks to come. Will you stick with me?

I'm off to check my Chocolate Chip Cheesecake that is in the oven and I am actually going to sew tonight for a little while.

Bye for now..

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Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

oh i can not wait to see the finished work.
Tell the kids to clean out their rooms and they get to keep any money they sell their things for, suddenly it might go much faster!
Oh and for what it is worth I don't think you are too open on your blog ... but then that is me ;-)