Thursday, February 25, 2010

almost done!

We are almost done with intruders in my home. Lots more work to be done for just us such as, decorating and cleaning things really well. We still need to buy some smaller furniture for here and there but right now I am in my room as the men are putting back my blinds. They need to move the bed back into position and other furniture. I thought I bruised my right knee when all this started two months ago but it is really aching so I think I have done some deeper damage. I think I need them there knees so will be seeing a doctor next week. I know he/she will say to lose weight. Hmmm....

My Studio is coming along really well and it is getting really exciting! I will be opening up the Bernina tomorrow and working on my Quilt Market bag that I took a class on in Dubai last week. Wow! It has been a week already!

I think I am coming down with a cold too which sucks. I finished watching the first season of Lost and the kids and I really like it! I think I will go and rent the 2nd season tonight or tomorrow.

The new Dining Room is beautiful and the pieces that I picked up for it to accessorize last week in Dubai are spot on. I am really excited.

The new TV room where my old sewing room was is also just as gorgeous! I picked this crazy couch pattern and thank God the company made matching pillows so that is a headache I don't have to worry about.

The two kids' bedrooms are exquisite. Can you believe that Ali is neater than Amal???? That continues to shock me. The rooms are really grown up and look just fabulous. Their Ikea beds are a dream too!

We only painted my bedroom and got rid of a huge desk. The space that the desk freed up will be the home of my treadmill now. Waqar won't like it but tough. There is no other place to put it and grant it, Amal doesn't want it in her room. (That is where it has been). It just won't fit in my studio.

We got the shelves reinforced in my kitchen so now my millions of cookbooks are happily back in their place and not in the cupboard! I will be getting rid of some of those too.

The shelves that are in the laundry room that house my heavy kitchenware have also been reinforced and all is organized happily now. There are some pieces that will be finding a new home there too! Oooh, now that the kids and I are in Phase 2 of South Beach, we can have bread. I will be baking some fresh wholegrain bread tomorrow with my bread machine. Who says that is not homemade? Huh!!

The men, yikes, are moving my dressing table as I type and the mirror is swaying, JMJ!! Oh, my room has blinds now instead of curtains and the new paint. Now, I have to get busy finishing the quilt that I started for this room and this bed and thank the powers that be that the paint matches the quilt! Maroon is the color.

I still need an AC in my studio which I will get next month and it is already too hot and I still need Waqar to figure out how to get me internet in there. I also need many things hung. I might not wait for that. I think I will do it myself.

I will be having lunch with my bud Nancy not this week but next week. This next week whereas I don't expect any men in my home; I will be sorting and playing. Where shall we meet Nance??

Thanks for popping by. I'll have pics later.



Laila said...

I am excited to see it all. When we come, i'll bring scones!

Susan said...

You write the best, newsiest, chattiest blog posts, Alia! I like that a lot. Congrats on getting thru this ordeal, it sure sounds wonderful and new and fresh in your home!

We've been doing South Beach all month, just starting to add in some Phase 2 recipes and WINE, yay. lol I like a little wine every evening. DH doesn't care if he has any or not, so more for me. :)

Hope your knee feels better, and if the doctor says anything about your weight, you can tell him that you are already on a diet/lifestyle change! Good luck!

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Hmmm Alia I am worried we may have over done it in Dubai and it impacted on your knee, sorry. My Quilt show bag has not seen the light of day either. I had to clean my room first and now I need to finish the quilt for next weeks fete and then it will be the bag. I can not wait to finish it. Congrats to A&A on making it into phase two, well done guys keep up the great work it will be worth it for sure.
Tell me if you need any further help with omanbay to help move some of that "much loved but has to go" clutter.

Alia said...

Aw Ladies; I am such a sensitive git right now. Your three messages brought me to tears! Thank you! If you are wondering why; it is just that I am PMS-ing. Every month; something different occurs. Sore gazungas; the skin on my arms hurts; super crabbiness; sad and sensitive (this is what hit me this month!) So thank you for your words.

Laila: I will definitely bake something! You and Isra always commented on my creations in past blogs.

Susan: Very sweet of you! My bestie back in St. Louis tells me when I prompt her to have a look at my blog that it is like I am right there talking to her! Good luck on SB. We start Phase 2 tomorrow!

Isra: Don't you worry about Dubai. The walking did a world of good and I rested when I needed to. I think I deeply bruised it when we started the renovations in early January. I have always had strong legs but with being overweight and my age I think I need to reassess my physical actions.

Good luck on finishing your quilt!! I can't wait to see it on the 6th if not sooner!!

Take care ladies and thanks for stopping by!!

Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique said...

Great progress i cant wait for your to share some pics! oh and i defintely want pics of the bernina *YAY* so excited that you are finally getting her out of the box :)

Sorry to hear about your knee hope you feel better soon

regards to the kids