Saturday, March 6, 2010

News from the Studio!

I just pilfered this photo from Laila over at Time for Tea. Thanks! This is me, Laila and Isra at the new Craftland in Dubai. Great store! Lots of knitting yarns and needles and books. This new store also offers classes of all sorts and I would love to road trip it one day for that! Will have to keep up with their website!

The kids and I swore that it was about to rain so just before sunset we ran to the beach. Amal really wanted to check out the waves as she is very interested in surfing. It was just breathtaking and it did NOT rain!

The water was freezing! She is watching the waves!

Oh gosh, this is a terrible photo! You can however see the Soft Paws that we put on Peaches. We got her orange. So far, they are freaking fantastic! It has solved many, many problems with housecats with claws. She was laying on my desk!

Here is Uki at the foot of my desk in her little knitted bed. She is grooming herself and again, it is a terrible photo! Perhaps because they were taken with my iPhone! Anyhow, you can see her light blue claws. You can see a little tongue action too!

I bought these American sized 13 knitting needles when in Dubai about two weeks ago now. They are larger needles and this is the yarn that I bought from my friend Maya here in Muscat last year. I tried to get started last night when I plopped myself down to watch a little TV with the kids but ended up without the pattern and was too lazy to get up and get it. So, here is another project that is guaranteed to be a weekend deal! Hmm...we shall see!

Here is my new ironing board and iron! Yipee!! The blue fabric is what I just re-washed. Some of it got very dirty from the rain that one day and the painter had the stuff outside on my roof and was looking at it, remember? Did I mention that he slipped down a few steps? I felt bad for him but was pissed off at him for letting my stuff get soaked and letting the water run into the house and therefore down the steps taking the green paint with it. Anyway, enough doom and gloom; I am in the process of ironing it.

Here are some of the pieces from the Quilt Show Bag class that I took with Janine Ibinini in Dubai. There were about nine of us (if i remember correctly) that took the class from Muscat. I meant to finish it but was busy getting Amal sorted for her Adventure Oman trip this week! I wanted to spend a bit of time with her too as she was leaving/is gone! It was really cool of Janine to make up kits for those interested and for Classic Quilts and Quilting (THE quilting shop in Dubai) to offer Bernina Aurora 440's for those interested. I took avail of both offers! I hope to get busy now that I am in full production mode here! There are still a few things that need to find homes but right this minute; Ali is making a card for a friend and for family. Lot's of birthdays this month for us. We are jamming to my iPod and Bose speakers and listening to Jeff Buckley right now. Great voice!

Today was the monthly Muscat Quilt Guild meeting. I went and thanks Alice for saving me a FRONT ROW SEAT! It was nice to get out after being cooped up for two months. Lots of busy ladies and lots of show and tell! Until next month!

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