Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pain, pain, go away!

Yep, I don't like my side picture. I don't have any nice pictures of me actually!! I can't put one up without my hair covered or maybe I just will. Who cares? I'll chew on that one....

The pain in my knee is terrible. I can't 'stay off it'. I have to take the kids to school and pick them up. I have to do the grocery shopping. Oh well, I'll keep chuggin' and doin' my best.

Yesterday was my husband's birthday. For three months, we are the same age. I robbed the cradle don't you know!

I went all out and made Hyderabadi Chicken Pulao and a Chocolate Cake.

Cute huh?

Well, here is the spread with our new dining room that we have never used before! I think the kids have done their homework on it but we mostly spend our time and eat in the TV room. South Beach does not allow us to eat rice so this was a big treat for us all. My kid Amal is so freakin' cool; she stuck to her salad and grilled chicken but broke down and had A LITTLE BIT of it all. Bless her. You can't teach someone discipline, it is innate. Good luck kiddo and keep up the great work! Oh, and we got sodi!

After the debauchery of discovering that the blue ray disc was not compatible with our player; and after MANY phone calls, Ali and I ran to a store to get a different blue ray movie for the birthday boy and then it was time for cake and ice cream! MMMMmmmm.

I torted the cake and put strawberry jelly in the middle. I also put chocolate chips before baking. It turned out so very moist and not too chocolately. I don't like TOO much chocolate. Nope, I don't. Here the kids are 'playing' golf. Waqar was too comfortable. Dig that fabric on my couch!

Uki then claimed my lap and took a bath. What a doll!

Today I worked on my Spider Web Quilt. I want this mother f----er done. I'm so bored with it! Although, I have acquired even MORE scraps now that I have been going through all my fabs! Golly, what is a girl to do????

It's looking quite colorful which was my intention. Some of my points 'escaped' the machine stitch so I have to do some mending. Er hmm., I can see a lavender tip there... I don't know what I will do next. I mean, since I took these photos this morning to now (9:43pm) I have sewn three rows together. I'm almost done with the fourth. I think it needs to be toned down but don't look forward to a border. Hmm....

Peaches came up and was howling at me and then jumped up and made herself comfortable on my sewing machine cover. Uki had to check out the action and was just hanging out. I grabbed her little bed from under my desk and got her to go in it.

She is so darned cute. Don't mind the mess. I have so much dust and ants in here. Bummer!

There is my blue and white sewing machine cover that I made for my Janome' whom is packed away under my table. I feel so sorry for her. Don't miss ya babe though!

Well, now I have to finish these last three or four sections and off to visit with the kids and get them in bed. Ali has a party tomorrow for three friends. We are doing lunch and celebrating his 'big boy' room and the fact that the house renovations are FINISHED for the most part. Amal will be off with friends and in the evening I will be going out with my friends! I hope my mood lightens up! I was a crab today!

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