Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Little Bag is done!

Remember this post?

Well, I finished my own little purse! Yay!

This is the front.  I quilted 1/4" from the seam lines.  I rather like it!

This is the back.

Close up to show I machine sewed the zipper on.  I have one little kink in the pattern that I did not do and I am wondering if the life of the zipper will pay soon with use.  We shall see!

I sewed in my label with the machine too, which was new for me.  I had to plan ahead where it would be.  Still, the zipper ended up differently than I wanted!

This is a quick little purse to make.  It gives you many design opportunities, which is fun.  It is practical which is good to have!  I put my jewelry for the Dubai trip in mine!


XUE said...

Very pretty little purse!

Anonymous said...

That is just darling! And I *adore* your label! That is just too darn cute!You've gotten fancy on us.

I've yet to conquer zippers. That and sewing apparel. I did it 30 years ago, but that was with my home ec teacher standing over me.

I did buy fabric to try out a skirt. Need to make a muslin first to see if it will fit.

Vickie said...

Really cute! I have never put in a zipper, but I bought some to put into some little bags. Does that count? Ha!

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

very nice, they would make great gifts too.

Are you guys celebrating Teacher appreciation week? They would be ideal!

Anonymous said...

Love this little purse! Very cute! And many thanks for popping in to my giveaway and for your question. I'll answer them all when I post the winner. My question back at you is how long have you lived in Oman and what is like?