Thursday, March 31, 2011

I made my girl a little purse!

I was blog hopping the other day and came across this tutorial from Janet at Quiltsalott  in Australia and HAD to try it.  Hop on over and try your hand!   I made this for my girl.  Amal.  Hope in Arabic.  She is my doll.  She thought it was a bigger purse with handles and when she saw me working on it last night she was squealing with delight.  I'm so glad.  I just finished shooting it and have not given it to her yet!

First I will show you my big OOPS!  I sewed right through the pin!  I had to cut the thread and unpick it to pull it out.  I laughed the whole time!  I have NEVER done this before!

Here is the front view.  I did a loop-y meander.

The back view.

The label that I put inside.  Man, I DO NOT like doing that blanket stitch.  I need to figure out an easier and faster way to put in my labels!

On this tutorial, you are meant to hand stitch the zipper.  I had to pull it out three times before I got it right.  I would like to figure out how to make it faster on the machine!

One final note, I have been making book covers and use red gros grain ribbon in honor of missing my Mom all the time!  It is so hard to be away from her for two years at a time.  Then I only get to see her for like two or three weeks and then another two years.  We cram so much in those weeks!  Whew!  Anyway, her favorite color is red.  Now, when I was picking out zippers, I decided to take it there too.  So, that is why this little pink-ish purse has a non-matching RED zip!  

Now, off to make a Vegan Chocolate Cake, want the recipe?  Let me know by submitting a comment.  Then, off to sew MY little purse up!

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nima said...

wow...lovely little purse. Alia , what i did is, i did a top stitch for the zipper with the machine, after finishing the hand sewing.

There is a link to another blog, where she explains how to machine stitch it...the link is just below that same tutorial.

Anonymous said...

I've sen over those pins, too! That bag is just adorable! I love how colorful it is. Your loop-de-loops came out well.

Use a different decorative stitch from your machine for the label -- a wider zig-zag?

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

LOL I have sewn over those pins too!

Nice purse and lucky Amal. Yes I think putting the zipper in by machine would be much quicker.

Why not use one of your decorative stitches to apply the label by machine Alia?

Janet said...

It looks wonderful, your girl will be thrilled. I'm glad your machine came to no harm during the making of it. There is a link to timotei on the post to how to do the zip by machine.

Coisas da Laura said...

This looks fantastic!!