Saturday, March 19, 2011

I received my first swap! A pincushion!!

I got an email message sometime last week telling me that a package was received in my NY mailbox!  Ali had received his two so I truly thought it was my Mug Rug!  I thought about telling my swap mama but then I did not know which one to tell!?  

So, this late morning I got a text message from Aramex, my shipping/cargo company I prefer to get my mail from!  Yippee!

I excused myself from the hubster and ran like a bat out of hell!

I had to wait, imagine that!  They were pretty quick and I think the Omani gal at the desk was impressed because I had the exact change ready.  I have to pay for the packages from NY or London to Muscat.  It is worth it to me.  Don't be impressed with my math skills as Aramex tells you your package is in and the weight and then the amount.

I excitedly took the package and then went to the store.  I peeked to see if I could detect where it came from.  Nothing....

I bought the few things I needed for us and then proceeded to go to school to pick up the kids.  I got a preemo spot and took out my handy dandy little package knife thingy and proceeded to read more of the packaging.  You see, in NY or London; it goes through customs so they open it.  It has Aramex tape all over it.  I carefully cut it open and in the meantime saw it was from 



I immediately saw a card without an envelope.  I am detailing this so Laura can let me know if everything is in order as I really don't know what the heck they do when they open it up!

Then I saw this red box.  It first looked like a stack of red fabric.  Turns out, it is a fabric box too!  At this point, I don't know if it is a mug rug or a pinnie...

I opened the little box and sorry for the blurriness but I was so excited and was using my iPhone.

In this little box is a darling little red and white pin cushion.  It has pins in it and safety pins!  There are foldable scissors on the left and the flowers is a needle card!  I also got a pretty little blue tape measure with a little bow!

Then I proceeded to open the little pink bundle.  I open this pinnie!  IT'S A PINNIE I tell Eminem (he was on my stereo).  I was squeeling!  There is a little needle book too!

So my little pinnie had to take center stage for a photo op!

Here is the needle book.  I am terribly impressed with Laura's label.  I must get me some!  I am so sorry about the blurriness again!  My eyes are gone so I couldn't tell if it was me or the camera!  Looks like both!

I proceed to look through the little needle book and find these GORGEOUS pins!  Did you MAKE them Laura?  Dime!!  (dime = 'tell me' in Spanish.)  Yes, I think she can deduce what I mean with her Portuguese!

There was also a very generous amount of this parrot fabric!  Whatever will I do with it??  I will figure something out!  Amal, my sweet girl, loves it and I could see her eyeballin' what she wants me to make for her!  

Then Ali popped up and jumped in the car and he took this picture of my loot!

So, here is a view of all the loot with the pins showing...

and another one without them showing!

THANK YOU LAURA!  I love this!  Your applique is exquisite!  Thank you again!  Now, on over to Flickr to post!


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a VERY generous gift! I love the pinnie and needle book. It's very cute... And the Parrot fabric is fun! I can see tons of fun project possibilities using that! YAY!

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

When you said Pinnie I was looking for the apron! Ah, PINnie, i get it now ;-)

Lovely score Alia!

Coisas da Laura said...

I'm so happy you liked everything!I did not make the pins. I ordered so that I could include in your package!Enjoy!!!
Now you've got a friend in Brasil!

rubidoux said...

Everything is beautiful! I thought I had figured out how I wanted to make a needlebook for myself, but now I'm thinking hex. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I love it that you're listening to Eminem! I thought I was the only quilter in his fan base, but I guess a lot has changed since quilting was only for grandmas.

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

rubidoux!! Who ARE you!!?? I think this is the greatest comment E.V.A!! Thanks, you made my day! So, grab my em addy (and yes, I will stalk you now for yours!) and we can chat about 'ole Slim!

nima said...

wow...i can see your excitment in everypicture...lovely stuff...lovely parrot fabric..I think you can make a beautiful Tote for Amal...

susan said...

i love reading your posts. and its nice ali took a pic of you to include. im so happy you got your pinnie package and you love it!!