Saturday, March 5, 2011

Scrappy Pin Cushion Swap 2011

I joined a Flickr Scrappy Pin Cushion Swap!  It was awesome!  I'm so glad that I did do this as it challenged me to do something I probably wouldn't have done on my own!

I started with this lovely Irish Linen bought locally.  I got some variegated pink DMC floss because my partner, oh, and this is a secret partner, right!?,  likes pink.  I found this really interesting trim and thought something would come to me!

This is my awful ironing board and WONDERFUL kitty Uki 'helping' me out with the trim!  Awww...

I had real issues with the Linen.  I have since been advised that I could-a should-a used a stabilizer and then it would not have fallen apart when I put the trim on which was a freakin' bear!  I went shopping in my stash and decided on this white fabric.  My Desert Rose bush is in full bloom right now!

I chose this fabric for the backing as my partner likes pink.  I thought it went well and I liked the overall 'feel' of the pin cushion with this fabric.  I embroidered my name and the year so my partner will think of me when she sees it!

I also made her this little pin cushion.  It is meant for a spool of thread.  I want to present this to the Muscat Quilt Guild for a project to do so will wait until I have done that before I post the link of where I got this.  I know some of the ladies read my blog.

You make it on a golf tee.

This is the complete package.  I am sending a cool little cup.  It looks exotic to me.  I am sending some pink DMC floss that I have never seen before.  It's one ply!??  See that package on the right?  It is a wooden stamp used for inking up and stamping the design on dresses used by Beluchi women.  They are a tribe that live here in Oman.  I don't know the stitches but hope to learn how to do them soon from a friend whom is American and married to a Beluchi man.

I had to include this photo of Oreo.  He is my outside kitty and oh so talkative!  He was lookin' for some mornin' lovin'!

He was just thrown out when his family moved to Spain.  We found him scared to death and teeny tiny on the property.  He eventually made his way down to the dumpsters to get food.  He was so cute and clean and healthy that we were afraid the other feral cats would eat him up.  Amal methodically and patiently coaxed him from the dumpster with a chicken!  Ever since then, he comes to our house three times a day for a feed!  He also hangs out at our property and when I met some neighbors, they told me they called him Sinatra for his blue eyes!  He has brought around some little friends and I can just hear them talking to each other and telling stories!  I got him fixed and vaccinated and he put on a lot of weight.  He fights off the big bad feral male cats that try to claim my property as theirs!  We love OREO!

My husband brought me a bag of tees to choose from.  I took these.  He promised to buy me some in Duabi the next time he goes up as they don't sell any here in Oman.

I included the rest of the trim as it was really hard to put on and two or three corners, can't remember now, were cut so the beads were falling off.  I had to figure out how to put them together and how to secure the loose ends.  Interesting.  I wanted to show the cups design too.  Eek, upon editing, I missed the Belushi block! Oh, and see Uki's paw??!!

One must ALWAYS take time to smell the flowers!

Uki is too much fun!  While I was sitting here uploading the photos, I played a little bit with her.  I think this picture is cool.  You can see my finger, it's shadow and Uki intently watching me!  Yes, she did pounce!  I feel so sorry for kitties that try to catch something that is not catchable!!

Thanks for stopping by.  I am really pleased with this swap.  I just hope my partner really likes it too!

Off to the Post Office to ship it off!


Anonymous said...

I really like that trim. And I love the pin cushion! I love how you incorporated the embroidery and made the linen fabric so colorful!

Oreo is a cutie... just sayin.

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

very nice Alia, love the colours and the trim.