Saturday, March 12, 2011

Flower Pin Cushion for me!

I made myself a little Flower Pin Cushion that fits onto a spool of thread for those little hand jobs!  Hey now, keep it clean! (wagging my finger at ya and frownin'!)

These are some fabrics that sewtakeahike sent me when I bought her pin cushion kit!  I love these and of course, the colors are way too dull.  I am too lazy to take them outside for better light as I want to get this posted and then I have the downstairs and three bathrooms to clean this morning and start cooking an Indian meal!  It's 11:51am!  Yikes!

Here is another view of it sitting in the spool with a threaded needle in it.

I love how it is black and white striped, the golf tee that is!  It's like it has it's own little eclectic stockings on!

I'm doing a private swap and my gal wants trims from over here.  I found some fun ones.
Hope she loves them!

Thanks for stopping by.

edited to add these photos...

This picture better depicts the colors.

The same goes for the red scallop.

and the purple

and this cool fuzzy fuschia zig zag

and the final trim.  The one that started it all!!...

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Anonymous said...

What a clever little pin cushion!!