Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A quilt, two cats and a lizard!

Hi!  How ya  doin'?  I have a long picture post today!  First off, do you remember this post?  I made this little 'kahwa' cup for a friend?  This is the friend and this is the quilt that was put together for her!  The occasion is that her daughter got married back in the States and we like her so much, we did this for her. It has a heavy Omani theme.  Let me walk you through the pictures.  We will start from the left and work towards the right as if we were reading in English...

1.  A star; 2. A Mosque; 3.  An Omani pot hanging in a window; 4.  A hand with henna on it; 5. Some sort of flower; 6.  A Palm tree; 7. The map of Oman; 8. Breast Cancer ribbon (the gal that made it is a survivor); 9. An Omani incense burner; 10. MY ARABIC COFFEE CUP!!; 11.  A beautiful Arabian coffee pot with two little cups much in the same vein as my cup; 12. An Omani Khanjar (a dagger); 13. A Camel; 14. An Omani man; 15. An Omani woman; 16. A goat; 17. A Dolphin; 18. and 19.  Two fish;  and last but not least, 20. A turtle.

Here is Patricia holding the three paneled quilt. Poor thing could not even look at it as we were all snapping photos!  I think she was really pleased and this was Basima's project and she put it all together and did a wonderful job!  Congrats to both of you!

Two nights ago, I heard my husband talking loudly and excitedly towards Peaches, one of our two Persians.  I leaned back from my desk and looked down the corridor and caught a glimpse of a teenaged lizard in Peachy's mouth!  EEEwwwww!  Gross!  So, he and I followed her and she ended up in the dining room...

I ran back to my Studio and got my camera and by then she had dropped it.  She went to a far side and was doing what cats do, watching it!

She got closer to it and it was just laying there.

A close up of the poor thing.

Then, here comes Uki.  It's like she has to be in on the action!  She 'greets' Peaches and then kind of hangs.  Just then, my hubby and I were debating whether she saw the gecko or not.  He said she did and I said she did not.

She did.  At SOME point!!

The girls have a product called Soft Paws on their claws and so no longer have the sharp weapons they possess.  Well, they do, but they are just covered up with acrylic nails.  Anyway, it looks as if she has it to her mouth.

Aw, the poor thing landed on it's back.  I think they play 'dead' to get a chance to escape.

Here are both girls watching it.

Then Uki had to egg it on and get the ball rolling!

She pounced and flipped and had a good time.  At this point I got bored and was annoyed that my continuous shot capability was not working!  Later I swore to my hubby that Uki ate it.  He said she did not.  I have not seen it anywhere!

Thanks for stopping by!  Today was the kids' last day of school and now I get them for three months!  That is a long time to be couped up in the house due to this horrendous heat!  Well, we shall think positively and deal with it!   Until next time...

PS.  The cats were shaved in the 'Lion' cut!

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Anonymous said...

I love that quilt! And how the three panels were joined. Is that beads or buttons? That is sooo clever!

Stay sane (hahaha) with then kids out of school.