Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm gonna do it! Uh huh!

I was perusing some blogs that are based out of Oman just now.  My daughter is in the process of starting up her own blog and we are laughing ourselves silly reading other blogs here.  Some are so very funny!  Of course, in the natural sequence of things; I wanna know who these people are, ya know?  So, I went on one site and kept going in her 'About Me' page, which, in fact, I just updated my own...

I kept watching the side bar as the people whom have viewed her profile increased until I almost made a mess (my FB friends know what I am talkin' about!) laughing at myself realizing that every time I hit the button I was increasing her views!

So,....I got this brilliant idea!  I love feeling like a rocket scientist!  I thought I would go into my own profile numerous times to up the number.

Now, answer me this, WHO CARES????????

Off to make Mini Cherry Cheesecakes for some special peeps in my life!


Anonymous said...

I've debated on putting one of those country traffic tickers to see where my readers come from. I think it would be interesting.

Cheesecakes? YUM!Can you mail some my way?

Anonymous said...

Lol you just cracked me up so bad!!! It's true no one cares even though myself I have one on my page too!! :D