Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy ME!

Yesterday, June 30th, was my birthday!  I had a great day!  My friend Larissa and her daughter Paulina came over and Larissa took me to breakfast.  We had a lovely meal and went back home.  The kids locked me out, which PERTURBS me to no end.  I should have known....that something was up....Ali opens the door and disappears.  Meanwhile, Larissa and I are conversing.  I go inside and take my abaya off and scarf and primp a little (uh huh, it was MY day!!) and I noticed the two side doors that go into the Dining Room; Living Room and Family Room were closed.  So, I go around and check the kitchen and it was clean and I open the door and the kids jumped out from behind the couches and yelled, "Happy Birthday!!"  I did NOT scream but was pleasantly surprised.  It was lovely!!  Then I hugged all the kids and they preceded to tell me how they were in cahoots the days before and in the morning.  Apparently, P was texting L to tell her they were not ready and L kept me talking...not a difficulty!

Then, I got into the kitchen and started making the icing for the cake.  It did not quite turn out as it should have... That took a while and then we all sat for photos and snacks and cake.  I had just had my breakfast so I was not interested in the snacks but the kids ate it up so that was good.  I had a piece of cake and coffee though and forgot to serve the ice cream!

Then we preceded to the gifts!  I got some lovely gifts.

Larissa then took the kids to her house and off my hands so I could have some 'Mommy Time' but I did not know what to do with myself!  Then, after about 30 minutes of alone time in which I touched up my make up, Sarah came over.  Sarah is leaving for the United States to embark on her University career.  I am so happy for her and she brought me some chocolates from a new Omani company called Tamrah (which means 'date' as in the fruit) and her very, uber, very, super uber Abaya for me to go get copied.  This will be my new Wedding Abaya.  Gotta have some fancy ones for these occasions.  Having said that, I have not worn an Abaya to the last two weddings and n'er another one in site!

Sarah teaches me how to put on 'Arabian' eye liner and I filmed her!  So my ole self won't forget now!

Then, I made a very 'special delivery' and off I went to meet Larissa and the kids at the cinema.  We did not see what we wanted to see as I waited too long for the idea and now that we can order cinema tickets online; they sell out fast.  So, running late as I was, I notified L and she ran to the cinema earlier than expected to get us tickets.  I got there and met Amal and Paulina and they had what I usually like to have, which is a Pepsi and Popcorn.  The kids were so sweet because they mentioned that they had remembered that I mentioned a few days ago that I wanted Nachos with Jalapenos the next time we went to the movies but forgot when in line.  My point in this information is that it is so nice to be considered and thought of.

Then, Larissa and Paulina and the the three of us parted ways and we went and met my husband for dinner.  It was a wonderful day as it should be on one's birthday!

Thank you for all the wishes and birthday greetings from my Facebook friends.

For some uncanny reason unbeknownst to me, I haven't heard from my parents or sister yet.  Have they forgotten me?  Is it true, 'out of sight, out of mind?'  I'm off to call them in a minute to make sure they are well and just forgot about me, yep, little ole me...

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Believe me people; I can do a MUCH better job decorating a cake.  The icing went horribly wrong but the taste was good!


Coisas da Laura said...

Happy birthday sweetie!!!I smiled a lot reading your post and imagining all the fun!!!
Hugs from Brasil!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from Ireland !

Sandrapat said...

Hey sis, finally have a computer again. So here is your bday greeting #4...hehehehehe. The girls are still trying to send that e-card. I am laughing my !@#$ off watching them figure it out. Love the cake, but it looks like one of MY attempts from way back when:) I'm sure the taste was divine though!

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Ah, what a nice day and I hope the next 364 are just as nice. You should be considered, you are a special gal!

Rhanda said...

Happy belated birthday, Alia. We just got back from Texas. I got you 2 tubes of Plumtastic!

Chick Flick Journal said...

i know what you mean about the cake i can tell that its yummy

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday ;) I can read u had a gr8 one with your loved ones.. Hope you have many more in the coming years. Keep smiling!!