Friday, July 29, 2011

Oud Lessons Continue...

Amal has been asking me to take her out to Seeb, very far from home, to check out the Oud Hobbyists Association.  We tried to find it last week to no avail and whereas I was determined; I did not have a clue where it was!  So, we waited for Samia to come back from her trip to Canada/Germany.  She met us close to it and I don't know who told me it was close to a particular school because IT WAS NOT!  It was so freaking far from that landmark!  I wish I could remember who said that as I would have a word with them!  LOL!  Anyway, we got to this place and it is immense!  Amal was so nervous!  We got there before the lady and it was really good that Samia was with us as she did all the talking in Arabic.  The guard let us in and we got to look around.  We deduced that the students must perform there too as there is so much space with such a large garden.

We met with the lady and they are thrilled to have Amal start up with them!  Since His Majesty, Sultan Qaboos, our leader for the last several decades, has requested this OHA to be set up; the cost is entirely F.R.E.E.!!!!!!!!!!!!  We have deduced as well that the Oud is given to the students.  Amal OWNS her own.  The lady was happy about that!  They have a hard time getting females interested in this and several things that stood out in this Momma's mind were:

1.  It is so far from home.
2.  Ali will be left alone, again, when the lessons start up.
3.  The woman asked for Amal's ID card.  I asked her how old one has to be to have an ID card and she said 21.  To me, that said she thought Amal was 21.  I said very firmly; SHE IS ONLY 15!!  So, we need her passport for an ID.  Hmmm....
4.  There ain't no way I am leaving her there alone with mostly men around.
5.  The lessons are THREE HOURS LONG, THREE TIMES A WEEK!  Ouch!
6.  The lessons start in February.  Which is around exam time for her.  She says she will cope.

I'll stop at 6 as this is my favorite number.  We went to Samia's afterwards to visit and got home around 10:30pm.  It was lovely. When we got home, my hubby stated to Amal and I, "if there aren't any girls and all men, you are not going there!"  I rolled my eyes and went to the kitchen.  Later Amal comes and tells me that she told him that she would be performing with men and for mostly men in the future and then her father said, "Oh, yeah, ok then."

I am going to be bored out of my brains.  I enjoyed the lessons with Khalid.  Charlie was funny as was he and Amal.  This will be completely different.  Wish us luck!

Gee, these are Amal's photos.  This is at the entrance after you pass the guard.  She was very excited to be here indeed.

This is the actual entrance into the lessons building.

Sorry they were so blurry.  Thanks for stopping by.

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