Sunday, July 24, 2011

Will you visit me in Jail?

I am so very tired!
I feel like this except I did not eat much today!

I went to bed after 4am and got up with the stupid alarm that is still set at 6am for school.  I was so tired when I got to bed that I did not put in my ear plugs so I heard the alarm and the iPhone going off.

I jumped up and jumped right back into bed and cuddled with my two kitties for a minute.  Then, I started to clean the kid's bathroom and my master bath.  I swept the floor in the hall and my room.  I emptied two laundry baskets by putting the laundry away and threw down all the dirty clothes.  Such fun!

I took a shower and then I got a text message right when A Fine Frenzy was singing Ashes and Wine.

and it was....Sarah!  My second Sarah that is the daughter of a friend also married to an Omani.  She was leaving this morning to go to St. Louis for University!  Earlier, just after my birthday I said goodbye to another Sarah whom left to finish a two year stint in Kentucky!  Anyway, we hugged and I imparted my best wisdom to her.  I went out to the car to greet her father, Mohammed.  He died two weeks ago.  For nine minutes.  I went to visit him as I felt so bad for his wife, my best friend here because she was home in St. Louis!  Alhumdulilah, he is fine now.  Just a broken thumb and no lasting heart complications!  The story is amaaaaaaazzzzzzinnnnnng!  Ok,  can't find a link.  I'll keep trying.

Ok.  Then I got ready and played on the net by reading blogs (ok one for now) for a while and then left to go to my first summer Hardanger group sewing morning.  I got some work done, yay, and then I had to hit it home.

Got home and started cleaning and then Ali asked me to come into his room.  I try to avoid this.  He had the best time laughing at me as I was dozing on his couch.  I did this the other night and he was having a great time trying to wake me up.  He would slap the couch and make loud noises and tickle my nose with my hair and you get the picture.  I could hear him giggling but it was an uncontrollable urge to sleep, ya know?  It was like a drug.  I finally snapped to it and then again got on this computer after I drilled the kids to clean their rooms.  I mean really, I was running after the kids saying, 
'sombody gonna get a hurt real bad' waving my arms at them and they just laughed at me.  I guess humor is not the way to go when you are trying to be firm.  That was my best Russell Peters.  I wanna hurt them!  Hence the title of this post.


So, I made these Sole fillets cooked in aluminum foil with lots of lemon and spices and potatoes and green peppers and carrots. I hope it is good.  However, hubster and son don't eat this so I have to run to the store to get nice bread, tuna, diet coke to make Tuna Melts.  I want that too, hmmmm.

So, I am pumped to get some laundry done too....

Sorry for the blurriness.  Images courtesy of google search!

Off to the store.

update:  ok, i ran to the store, got all the stuff, made the tuna melts and everyone was happy.  now ali will be making his momma s'mores!  yay!  but....amal was picking at my sole fillet after she devoured hers.  the potatoes did not cook so i put them in the microwave.  ali did not like this the last time i made it but i remember it was bitter so i did not put the lemon next to the fish but on top of the veggies.  i used this salmon seasoning and it was EXCELLENT!  guess who ate mine?  ali!  he did not know that i had not eaten all day and that i was really hungry and i did not have the heart to tell him.  it is always nice when your baby tries something he usually refuses to eat, so i was ok.

it is only 9:45pm.  i am going to wash my face and comb my hair and go watch a movie with the kids and hit the sack.  busy day tomorrow.

Oud Hobbyists Association after Monday Quilting, insha'allah!


BintElOud said...

You never post videos :P Is there a special reason your did today? ;)

BintElOud said...

Oopseh, spelling mistake, don't kill me okay? Cuz then you'll really be in jail :P And I wont be able to visit you cuz I'll be dead :3 xD

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

Oh come on, you know your Momma won't hurt you really! Is your room clean? Am I gonna have a coronary when I inspect? Huh huh? I felt creative and fell in love with AFF all over again! She is so darned cute and that voice and the words to that song! Where 's my Kleenex?

Anonymous said...

You really need to do two things take a small break and sleep well then eat like there's no tomorrow, lol

I am serious you really should have a you time just for you and you and have fun :)

♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

What a day .I also love cleaning my home :).

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

Izdiher: thank you for stopping by! Come back and often and I do not particularly love cleaning my home but it is a necessity. I guess, I don't mind cleaning it as much as I dislike others messing it up with no regard! yeah, that's it!

♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

Its my pleasure to be here .Your blog is really so lovely,mash Allah.