Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Visiting friends....

Hi!  The kids and I went to visit some Omani friends that we have not seen in a while.  We really enjoyed the visit and their kids.

Eventually the Oud came out.  The night before, we had a lesson and then came home to find these kid's father over.  This man is the funniest Omani man I know.  I really enjoy his whole family's company.  Amal has been performing for her Daddy's friends and is enjoying the practice and attention!  I hope we get to go visit his brothers and his Mom in the village during Eid.  Time will tell...

Here is Layan and Amal and Nizar.  There is an Oud Hobbyist Association of Oman, the first one of it's kind in the Arab world, close to their home and Nizar, the young boy, was accepted there but he declined.  We are going there this week for Amal to sign up as her lessons are all but one left.  The kids were fascinated with the Oud. 

You can catch the blue arm and leg of Samia, these kid's mom and my closest Omani gal pal.  She is so much fun and very intelligent.  She is going to take some time this summer to teach me how to cook some Omani foods.  I have been thinking of writing a cookbook of Omani foods from different tribes and regions!?

Nizar was trying out the Oud.  

Here is Mr. Nawaf.  He is something else!  They are all such cool kids!  Masha'allah I should say.  I think Amal was really relaxed too with her beloved Oud and sharing it!

Nizar opted to learn the Violin which is also used greatly in Arabic music.  Here is Lulu showing us just how it is done!

Charming little thing!

Amal is certainly charmed!

Nizar can't keep his eyes off the Oud.

I am so happy because Nawaf speaks and understands English so he and I can communicate now.  Lulu is still mostly Arabic and was talking to Amal in Arabic telling her she 'loved her'.  She broke poor Ali's heart because she told him she only loved Amal!  Not him!  You don't understand, my Ali LOVES kids and especially little ones so he was bummed! 

Now, Lulu (we call my Amal Lulu too) is trying her hand at the Oud.  Amal had to hold it for her as she is too little to hold it properly.

Mr. Nawaf won't be overshadowed!  He started performing for us too and even took out the sheet music!  So cute!

Nizar is smart as a whip and his English is excellent!  He knows so much about Technology and is so articulate.  I am very proud of him!  Nawaf came and sat with me when I asked him to and talked a little to me but is very shy and was more all over the place doing things and looking to see if I was watching.  I caught eyes with him many times and smiled and he lit up.  He even got me up to dance Vanilla Ice's 'Ice Ice Baby'.  I did a few steps which must have looked ridiculous in my abaya!  Lulu shared a Tweety sticker with me on my hand.  It came off tonight when I cooked dinner.

It was a fun night and tonight we have Paulina spending the day and night with us.  We are off in a few minutes to go see the very last Harry Potter movie at midnight.  I hope I do not fall asleep!

I did do some sewing on Monday and it was fun.  We are working on a project for us here in the summer months.  Stay tuned as I might have a huge announcement in the coming days!??


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

What a lovely glimpse of your life. We need another Oud video update I think!

Chick Flick Journal said...

mashAllah very cute. I always wanted to see how omanies dress and stuff. very different than the rest of the gulf