Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm here! I'm working!

Hi all!  I am here and working.  I saw a buddy Saturday and she said I haven't posted recently.  I felt so good that someone was looking at my blog and someone local from here in Oman.  Hi Najaat!  I will be seeing her tomorrow for our French Braid first class!  I am almost ready with all my fabs but just have to iron them all.  Of course, I have to wait to the last minute!  I will try to take one more shot before I pack them up.  I'm feeling over-full as I did not feel like cooking so we went out to eat at Darcy's; a very British little restaurant.  Nice.  Now, besides feeling too full (did I eat that much?) I feel nice because the kids are wrestling in the next room and are so funny.  It is so funny how loud they are when the TV is not on!  Ali has such an infectious laugh.  You know, that mischievous, naughty laugh!!  It makes my heart soar.  So, no pics for this post but wanted to let you all know that I am still here. 

Now here is the burning question that I have....should I post the pictures of my blocks as I get them done or just wait until the blimey spiderweb quilt is done! ??? 

Ok.  I'm off to iron tons of fabrics and am sooooo excited.  See you later...

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