Friday, April 10, 2009

This was meant to post two days ago...

Usually, after a feed, Uki likes to come over to me and cuddle. She makes 'biscuits' on me and then lays down and sleeps. Today, she came over to my desk and found my fabrics!
I went to the other side to snap a blurry picture and she came over to me.
She still followed me and was half on me and half on the table. She wanted to cuddle! Meanwhile, I am so into my production line of the WRONG SIZE paper foundations!! Waaaaa...
So, she goes back to the pile and starts making her biscuits.
She plopped down afterwards and took my space!
Ok. Cute, so I started to 'work' around her and she put her paw down! How cute!
Ok. I can work with this, let me just take one to sew! Hmmm, LEMME HAVE IT!!
This was all too much for her and she was exhausted! Since she couldn't cuddle with me, she ended up discovering my fabric stash and loved it! Here is the proof! Ooh, is that selvedge I see???


BuggletQuilts said...

Isn't she just the cutest thing all snuggled in your fabrics!

Alia said...

Oh my gosh, she is such a joy. I really am enjoying this kitty. She is so cute too! My other one, Peaches, she is lovely as well but not as affectionate and playful as this one is. I love them both!! Thanks for stopping by!

yvo said...

Cats and quilts seems to can't without eachother.
Lovely quilts you made.
Greeetings from Holland.