Monday, April 13, 2009

Playdough Fun!

Ali and I made some green playdough for him the other day and then yesterday he wanted to make some playdough for his cousins that we are going to visit tomorrow. Adbul Azziz likes blue and yellow and Aasiya likes pink and purple. We had fun making it. Amal helped too. It was such a mess! I will be getting in the kitchen to learn how my SIL makes her Mutton Pulao and Gulab Jamon. Two Indian dishes. Yummy!

I'm not feeling too well today. I took some medicine and hope to be feeling better very soon.

I tried to cut down a spiderweb block but lost the point of the stars. I did not like that so I took apart one other block and cut the bias ends. I cut too much, still not sure exactly what I did, and it ended up 9.75". I want to tackle it and make some progress. You see, this is EXACTLY what I always do! I get stuck or distracted somehow and fail to finish. I am determined to finish the top to this quilt. You see, I desperately need to replace one of our lounging quilts and this is where this bad boy is going to go. I don't have much time as Amal has invited a friend to spend the night and I want to get ONE STITCH in before I hit the toilets and floors!! Thank God for leftovers! These two sentences should not be next to eachother!

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