Friday, April 10, 2009


More Spidey news. I made 14, FOURTEEN, segments yesterday! I actually sat down and took the time to organize it all instead of winging it with my mess. I got 14 chain pieced segments done. I was sitting down to watch the commentary of TWILIGHT with my daughter and was pinning the four segments together when THEY DID NOT FIT!!!!!! I printed one set of 9 pages to start with then went and printed 19 pages with the pattern. The second set of copies are larger than the first one. I haven't figured it out yet. Perhaps I will cut down the larger ones to fit the smaller ones once the block is complete. I am so upset. I had to hide it from my daughter cuz she kept pausing e-v-e-r-y scene to gush about Robert Pattinson (sigh!). I did not want to steal that from her so kept my mouth shut but was so bummed within. I'm a good mommy, aren't I!!!

Any suggestions???


BuggletQuilts said...

I would totally cut them down to the smaller size. Or you could make one small quilt as a wall hanging or table topper and them make a larger one with the too big ones. There's no real mistakes in quilting, just design opportunities!

Alia said...

I know thats right! I thought about sizing them down. I need to adjust the rest of the 2nd set of printing (pattern) and see if I can figure it out at that stage. I thought about making pillows too as I like that idea a lot. I use six pillows on my bed!! Thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate it especially the last sentence! Take care