Thursday, June 18, 2009

Book Cover

Here is the book cover that I intended for my daughter's friend whom is leaving bright and early tomorrow morning (boo-hoo!).  It was too plain so I made another one and quilted it and this one has been given to my daughter.  Where is that picture?  We are ALL Twilight fans and when I saw this monkey print I thought of her and bought enough to make pj's for my girl and they are my little 'spider monkeys!"
This is the inside flap and yes, it is one of the series of Twilight books.  I think New Moon. Edit:  I often proofread my posts and saw indeed that it is New Moon.  Gosh!
I did not have any ribbon to use so I made a ribbon out of leftover fabric and really liked the idea for a built in bookmark that matches.  I have since made them longer and wider.  Recognize this polka dot fabric?  It is from my French Braid (I know!)

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