Thursday, June 18, 2009

Schools Out For Summer!!

School let out and we just said our goodbyes to my daughter's newest and best friend.  How sad.  My daughter is very stoic and doesn't show her feelings.  She got that from her dad.  Ali, my boy, on the other hand is extremely emotional like me and my Latino family!  Poor Amu was crying and crying and it broke my heart.  It is so hard to see your baby, even though she is 13! have a broken heart.  I hope these girls stay friends in the future and that we can travel to Jordan to see them.  Such a nice family!!  I have a new friend and she has a daughter that is Ali's age so she is spending the night!  She is lovely and quiet and hungry!  We ordered pizza and are waiting for it's delivery.  Oh, I must go as I have to go and call my bud whom is going to kiss the ground of St. Louis when she gets there in two days, I hope!  I am from St. Louis and am not traveling this summer.  I need to go and say goodbye to her now.  I have the scrapbook album my daughter made for her friend to post and my finished Hardanger pillow for my daughter that I will have framed instead.  Remember this angel in my home?  Yeah, I can't have any delicate things laying around!!  So, we are going to frame it.  I have my French Braid to finish up and I am piecing the back (1st time) and then will layer it and baste it and then I will be quilting it.  I will be putting myself on a schedule this summer.  After this is done, I intend to work on my spiderweb for a day or two and then I have to get busy on my summer challenge.  Having to pay 10 OR  (about 26-30 US dollars) for not finishing it is motivation enough for me!  I am so only on the 1st stage.  It was a mystery quilt.  These are fun.  I also intend in the near future (good I have this to refer to when I am exhausted or just confused having the kids around 24/7!!) to photograph and list all my unfinished projects.  Oh, oh, I have a few gifts that I made for kids and teachers that I want to post as well.  I have taken the photos but haven't organized them in iphoto yet.  I think I better stop now.  Thanks for taking a peek!

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