Monday, June 29, 2009

This is for all my Hardanger friends!

Here is my first project done for 2009!  I finished it a couple of weeks ago.  It started out being a pillow out of a Spanish magazine.  The count of the Lugana fabric is larger so the overall project is larger than desired.  Still, it is for my Amu and she brought up that even if I turned it into a pillow, Peachy would  probably sharpen her claws on it as she loves to sleep on Amu's pillows will be framed.  I need to see to it this summer!  Stay tuned for the finished, finished project!  It is so pretty and she LOVES it!

edit:  Can ANYONE tell me how to cross off my project on the sidebar?  I so looked forward to being able to put a line through the center or x it off but can't seem to figure it out and/or find the blogs that have done this and therefore inspired me.  HELP!!


nima said...

wow....that looks pretty. looking forward to see how you are going to finish it

Alia said...

Thank you! I am too looking forward to it!

Colette said...

Your hardanger piece is just beautiful I look forward to seeing it finished off. If you would like to see my hardanger and my designs please look at the link below. I hope you dont mind me showing it to you

XUE said...

After looking at your Hardanger pics, I am pretty sure that I will never want to do this amazing, detailed work! Too much concentration & not enough patience! I will just come here & admire your work, Alia. Same goes for knitting & crochet. I'll just stay with my sewing & quilting :) .