Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Forty-four things about me....

1.  I love to laugh.

2.  I love my daughter Amal.  She is the coolest kid. She is so smart and quick and demanding.

3.  I love my son Ali, he is more like me than Amal. He is funny and easygoing most of the time!

4.  I like the treadmill at a gym.  I was walking once and listening to my iPod and in particular to Shakira and fell because in my head I must have been on a dance floor and took a funky step and fell off.  The poor Omani ladies mistook my hysterical laughter as tears and were so frightened for me.  When they realized I was nuts, they never spoke to me again!  I think that is so funny!

5.  I miss my Mom a lot.

6.  I like Muscat in the winter the most.

7.  I don't like extreme anything; weather, ways people think...

8.  I want to learn more about history.

9.  I love to travel.

10.  I have been to North America, South America, Africa, Europe and Asia.  I think this is so cool!

11.  I need to visit Australia and Antartica.

12.  I always look forward to going home for a visit.

13.  I love my two cats and our outside cat Oreo.

14.  I love to go to the movies.

15.  I was an extra in White Palace and spoke to Luis Mandoki the director.

16.  I have been spit on by Michael Hutchence, lead singer of INXS.

17.  I'm still mad at him for dying.

18.  I name all my pets after some celebrity I am into at the time.

19.  I fell apart when my Shaboo died.

20.  I named my first pet, a cat, Shaboo that Liz gave me for my 21st birthday, after INXS album Shaboo Shabah.

21.  I love music.  You don't understand, I LOVE it.

22.  I like to cook.  Used to love it but it became a drag but now I'm getting back to where I can enjoy it.

23.  I love to eat.

24.  I don't like being around smokers or a smoky place.

25.  I  must have my toilet paper with the roll on top coming over.

26.  The pillow cases on my pillows must be facing towards the outside.  The fabric ends should be butting up to eachother.  I go mental if not.  Weird but true!

27.  I joined a book club so I could read more and broaden my horizon.

28.  I don't always finish my books and keep my mouth shut if so!

29.  I love quilting.

30.  I love scrapbooking.

31.  I must be creative in one way or another every day.

32.  I try to be a good and considerate house guest.

33.  I have to sleep on the right side of the bed.

34.  I miss speaking Spanish regularly.

35.  I miss dancing.

36.  I miss my mom's cooking.

37.  I love being a mother.

38.  I love the computer.  I'm good at keeping mailing lists and getting info out.

39.  I love hanging out with my babies.

40.  I don't need people's approval so much anymore.

41.  Turning 44 does not bother me at all.

42.  I'm fascinated by people and their stories.

43.  I used to believe that world peace was a possibility, I no longer believe that.

44.  I'm a dynamic, vivacious (Rob Reid said so) woman.


mirage said...

Alia what a lovely post. Happy belated birthday by the way. I am going to email you about a craft coffee morning next week.

Alia said...

Hi Mirage! Thank you! I got your message today and responded.