Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ali's 11th Birthday

Here is Ali's 11th birthday cake. A disaster for me but he was thrilled until he tasted it and did not like the strawberry jelly in between the layers. It was all last minute. I did not plan or execute with enough time. I used strawberry jam, which for us Americans, means there is fruit inside. So, a day later and he won't have any cake. I managed to give some to my friend but have 1/2 of it left.

Here he is cutting it. He was so excited. The lucky boy got an iPhone and the new iPod and slept with them! Before his birthday that is!

Here is my big girl home and rested some. She is doing something there; hmmm...

Here is Paulina. She was fun to have around. Come again sweetie! She was so good and did not chuck on me after Ali threw up all over the floor. Thank goodness he missed the carpets!! Still, it took me forever to get it clean and I even got on all fours to survey the bathroom floor and walls and door and walls and toilet and floor and walls, get it?? ugh!! By the by, I NEVER get on all four in the bathroom, hell no!

Right, on to better and sweeter things! Here is the cake. I screwed it up. Where there is yellow, there should be chocolate, and vise versa. The kids were so sweet and praised it anyway. I think the checkerboard cake pans I bought when I was 15 for 50 cents has more than paid for itself! Time to get a new one!!

Here he is digging in and getting surprised by that dreaded poor little strawberry! Who knew?

Last but not least; here is the plate that he made last week for his party. Isn't is great!!?? He used a stamp for the first time with me and used my idea of having all the guests at the party dip their finger in a color and use their finger as the spikes! Then, we got one of the very talented dudes to write all the kids names. The only thing he regrets is that he had the man write 'Alia' instead of 'Mami'. That is ok. I know who I am! At least for a few more years!!

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Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

The cake looks awesome! an iPhone my my he is a lucky boy. Welcome home Amal, maybe your mumma can get you to write a guest blog about your trip?????
Alia you make me laugh sweetie ;-)

Sandra said...

So sad that he did not like the filling! Miss being there for these events! Did Ali get the girls ecard? LMK ok.
Your sis in USA