Friday, December 25, 2009

It's Christmas today; but do YOU know how to get your husband OUT of the house?

First of all, just had to share the further trauma of my decorating Ali's birthday cake. It scared me with a loud POP that I screamed in the midst of my stress on this little project. Oh well, cake was baked, iced, eaten, photographed, shared with friends, eaten and then thrown out! If I had a bigger freezer; I might have considered keeping it but I don't so I didn't. I have been baking lots of cakes and throwing lots of cakes away too, well, parts of them! Hmmm....

Now, the reason for this dear husband. He HATES turkey. The smell of it alone gets him out of the house. He was such a sport today and 'posed' for me even with a smile! I swear, in years past, he has run out the door! So, here he is, albeit with a smile! So, I have discovered a very powerful tool to get this man out of the house!

Oh, what velocity! He was smokin'!

In the car and out of the property!

I got a wave as he drove off to go and play golf! In the background you can see a huge house being built. My husband referred to it as a palace for HM's uncle. Cool.

All because of this beauty!! ?????

So here is my gorgeously delicious turkey! It is resting on my gorgeous gift from my daughter! She painted this plate with great patience! I wanted to put cookies on it but she insisted the turkey go on it!

I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri in America and I loved watching the male cardinals in our garden. They are beautiful birds so when I saw this little plate in Dubai at a Canadian store called Stokes, I had to have not one but two!! So, these are the cookies that I baked. Chocolate Chip Crunchers!

Cafe Ceramique has gotten a lot of business from us as of late! This gorgeous little plate was painted for me by Ali. He made these Snickerdoodles from Martha Stewart's Cookie book. Poor guy was so hot and sweaty in that kitchen that I had to keep on him to wash his hands and finally made him strip down to his undershirt and shorts. Hmm.....???

So, now you know my secret on how to get my hubby out of the house!!

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Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

oh that all looks so wonderful! You are a great mum to go to all that trouble. And tell Amal her plate is amazing! A belated MC to you all xoxox