Friday, December 25, 2009

Xmas night fun!!

Yep, this is a regular sighting in our neck of the woods. I just did not expect to find it on the bathroom floor! I have been seeing this little guy on the wall high above my head; but he made it down to the floor! He is so cute!

I guess Ali was just plain pooped playing all day and took a little 'siesta'! We found these really adorable 'coats' for wine but we don't do wine so I bought some nice red grape juice and put it on that. You should have seen Amal and I, we were like the Bobsie Twins trying to get it on the bottle! Good times!

Here is our dessert. French Silk Pie and a glass of lovely bubbly red grape juice.

Uki got a new bed! So did Peaches but she is not cooperating and posing for me! Uki could not take the excitement of something new! She inspected it on and off all day and finally....

she got in!!! It's a bit small for my hairy big girl! Amal was taking pictures and I was taking pictures and this is what we got with this very entertaining kitty!

She caught glimpse of a light on the ceiling and spoke! So darn cute and I got an action shot!!

Oh, this was before she got in and Amal's pics. She was inspecting and checking it out.

This is another good one that Amal took of her in it.

Thanks for your patience on reading about my kitties. Have a lovely day/night wherever you might be!

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