Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hardanger Bargello Table topper thingy

I have started yet another project!  Most of the ladies in my Hardanger group have made this which is good for me as they can help me! 

I usually write on the selvedge the name of the project; the date I started the project and the type of fabric it is and the count.

Then, the next step is to secure the edges once you cut the fabric to the desired piece.  This is the loveliest  lavendar.  Up above it looks grey, I know and it's my editing!  Anyway, I do the zigzag stitch on my machine.

Oops, before I zigzag, I started to mark the fabric by centering it both ways and stitching four threads over and four threads under.  You make a grid like this and it helps exponentially when you screw up and need to re-count.  Let me tell ya!  I know!

I'm scared.  This project is the largest I have worked on and much smaller ones take me years to finish!  I hurt my right arm a few years ago with this work and hand quilting so I had to stop most of my hand work and only do Hardanger once a week on Sundays.  I get so excited though and push myself and then I can not even pick up a piece of paper and really have to lay off for a while!  So, I must remember to pace myself!

I can post my progress on this but I trust you all will agree that it is B O R I N G!

Thanks for stopping by.


nima said...

Ican't wait to see your lovely work on this lavender fabric. How often your hardanger group meet. i would love to join you one day.

Alia said...

Oh, we meet every Sunday from around 9:30 to whenever! It would be lovely to have you! Just let me know and I'll make sure you get there with me or on your own, as you wish! Next week Maya is hosting in Ghubra! I was wondering why you weren't with us if you do Hardanger! When you come, you MUST bring your work to show us! Yesssss!