Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stash Update 3

Hi!  Been gone for a while!  The kids had a week long break from school and Ali and I got sick!  We were supposed to go to Dubai but have postponed that until December school break!  That's ok.  Here in the Muslim world we had celebrated Eid Al Fitr last Tuesday.  My hubby and I hosted his family this year at our house!  My dear friend, whom NEVER reads my blog, lent me her maid the day before Eid to help me clean the house and then I had to cook and clean some more and organize for Tuesday.  Then, she let me have her on Eid day to help keep the kitchen running smoothly.  After everyone left; I immediately did some 'damage' control and chilled with my kids.  It was a nice day.

In between when I could grab a minute or two during this past week; I worked on my Scrap Log Cabin that I was inspired to make from Jodi over at Pleasant Home.  She is really talented.  Check her out.

These are 64 8.5" squares of S.C.R.A.P.S sewn into wonky log cabins.

Here is my 'process'.  At the very top you will see I originally calculated for 9.5" blocks but ended up changing my mind to 8.5".  I am so excited with them but then when I go to blogland and see the fabrics that people are using in the United States, my HOME, I get to feeling bad for an iota of a second.  I don't have these more modern fabrics in my stash.  One has to work with what they have right!  

Ok.  I'm off to shower and try to eat breakfast before my friend shows up at my door for our Hardanger morning!

Thanks for stopping by and I have already started sewing these babies together.  Yay!


Anonymous said...

Do we get another sneak peek at what you've sewn together? I like the top fabric. That's cute!

Alia said...

Thanks Lois. I am putting the top together. I did not even sew ONE stitch on the machine today but did some Hardanger! After this top is done; I'll photograph and post! Then, I need to quilt all three! After borders on the pastel one! Oh!!

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

cant wait for pics!

Susan said...

I have coffee in hand, so here I am!

Great looking fabric scraps, love that thimble fabric especially.

Alia, I wanted to answer your question you left me on my blog- about the mug rug swaps. I couldn't email you as you're set up as a no-reply commenter.

You need to join Flickr- it's a great, fun place and a really good place to store your photos. Then you can join groups at Flickr, like the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap group, where we all make and show off our mug rugs. Here's the link-

To join a swap there, you have to be a Flickr-er- and it's best if you have a bunch of photos uploaded showing your sewing and crafts. Try to post to comments and let people get to know you a little. Set up your profile page, list your likes and dislikes, etc. Then when you get a partner assigned to you, she can see what you like and tailor a mug rug to you.

So join us! We have people all over the world, India, Bulgaria, Australia, North and South America, etc. We'd love to add you to our group!

Alia said...

Thanks Susan! I thought I changed that! I will have another look to get me not to be a no reply commenter. Thanks again.

Great to know about Flickr. I have an account and will go and get lost in it deeper! Yay!