Monday, November 8, 2010

A Proud Mamma I am!

Today I had parent/teacher meetings.  For Ali, my 11 year old 6th grader studying in the MYP system; I got all high praises.  I got to see his work in Art.  Mamma was impressed!  He is well liked and respected by the teachers and once upon a time a while ago I was criticized for my kids being 'too polite'.  That bugged me for years.  I am who I am and kept insisting and teaching and grooming my kids.  The  pay off is when I get such lovely feedback from the teachers, male and female alike on my kids' manners.  I have to call my own Mamma and tell her SHE did a great job with me and with my kids!  Thanks Mami!

After the meetings with Ali's teachers; I got him something to eat at the Mall and then we shopped for a new baby in the family and then did some grocery shopping.  He is such a funny kid!  He cracks me up and I see myself in him.  Very cool.

I then dropped him off at home, ate lunch myself and spoke a little to my hubby and gave the kitties a new toy I bought them and then back up to school for Amal's meetings.

OMG!  She got high praises too!  Oh, let me back up...she is my 14 year old 9th grader, HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMAN that is studying a mix of MYP and IGCSE systems/programs, whatever it is called!  She had a bit of trouble transitioning from Middle School or 8th grade to High School or 9th grade and she seems to have 'gotten it' and is on a roll now!  Yay!

I am such a lucky Mom.  Both kids talk to me.  Amal opens up and it is a pleasure and privilege to watch her develop.  It really is.  For me.  I did not and do not want her teenage years and high school years to be hating me.  I give a lot, let them get away with a lot but still let them know not to mess with me.  They respect me and love me and it is the coolest so I am just gushing today!

Ali is officially taller than me at age 11 and he is developing too.  It is a pleasure to see him mature into what I can only hope is a lovely young man.  He is so kind and thoughtful and ok, so he doesn't clean out Uki's (our cat) eyes (flat faced Persian) or brush her regularly but he is a keeper!

Ok.  Now I am off to pack those baby goodies and Ali and I are going to go pick up my SIL and leave Ali to babysit her kids and she and I will go to visit my other SIL's Mom and sister and give the gifts.  Gotta go as it is far and I want to be back early to get back to reality and clean the bathroom and kitchen!!

It's been a great day for me.  I hope it is or has been a great day for you!


Anonymous said...

Children are such a source of joy. I read a quote once that said that our children are our message to the future.

Alia said...

Nice quote indeed Lois! Thanks for sharing that!

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

you should be very proud, they r lovely kids xxx

Jackie said...

Hi Alia, Got your comment, but don't have an e-mail for you. The whirlygig that I am making is all from scraps. So yes, it is doable.