Thursday, November 25, 2010

Stash Update 4; Ali's 12th Bday and other stuff!

Hi!  What a week!  I started off with the kids going back to school after our one week Eid Holidays.  Ali was sick so he got to stay home Saturday.  In the Muslim world; the weekend is Thursday and Friday so Saturday would be our first day of the week.  I stayed home with him and we hung out.  I sewed a little.  Sunday, we had our weekly Hardanger meeting.  I talked and talked and remembered my Mom.  When she was here two years ago she said I talked too much and did not work enough.  She observed that the other ladies were talking and getting work done.  Oh how I miss her!  Sandra's son got married in America and had a ceremony here but I could not make either one.  She kindly and graciously took all of us ladies to lunch to celebrate his marriage!  We had a lovely lunch!  Thank you Sandra!

Here from the left you see Maya, Shirin, Megumi, Sandra, MOI, Sylvie and Anisa.

This is a sneak peek for Lois and Isra!  I have since sewn 6 rows and it looks like it needs to be enlarged!

This was a cake I made last night with Ali's help!  He wanted a black and white theme so I made a new recipe of Devil's Food chocolate and a White Vanilla cake.  I am afraid to say that I did not care for the chocolate.  The kids loved it and took some home!  It was a three layer checkerboard cake.

Will I EVER achieve perfection?  I suppose if I implement the rules that I have learned instead of winging it!  The buttercream is vanilla and chocolate.  The kids loved the fork 'sewing lines'.  Yay!

My beautiful still 11 year old!  He blew the candles out way before Amal got to take the pictures so I had to relight the candles and he was posing!

Here is the bad boy cake.

Funny story:  I was washing the dishes late, late last night when I noticed that the tip of one of my spatulas was broken off.  I had SUCH a mess that I set it aside with all the debris to toss.  Never did I wonder where that piece went!  Then, fast forward to tonight and I was helping Ali cut the cake and I saw it!  I immediately realized that it was the missing piece!  I chuckled to myself and tucked it in the center.  I thought all the kids were done with the cake.  Little did I know that Amal took a little tiny piece!

Well, later Amal and I were in the kitchen and I told her the story when it was like a lightbulb went off in her head.  She exclaimed, "So THAT is what is was!!!".  I laughed so hard.  She said she ate it!  My my!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my American friends!  We are going to a friend's house and I can't wait!  I am making Pumpkin Pie and Chocolate Cream Pie (and it is South Beach!), a salad for Amal and a Green Bean Casserole!  Yay!

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