Monday, December 13, 2010

Mystery Quilt 2010

Ok.  I'm embarking on a new Mystery Quilt for this year.  Our next Muscat Quilt Guild meeting will be this coming Saturday, December 18th. Stay tuned ladies!  I'll be taking pictures to post!  I did not get my two quilted at all but at least they are basted.  Anyway, we can only show what is completed and I agree with that!

Here are my fabrics for this Mystery Quilt.  I am going American Patriotic this time around!

The stars and stripes will be my dark.
The blue will be my medium dark
The red will be my medium light
The cream with gold dots will be my light.

This first 'clue' will be my border, so they say!


Anonymous said...

you're brave! I've never done a mystery quilt before...

Alia said...

This will be my third by the same lady! I love the comraderie between us ladies. I don't hang out with them as much as I used to in years past but when I do see them, we all carry our stuff around. I started late and need to have the first part done for Saturday's guild meeting! yikes!!

You should try it! I do know some ladies that hate not knowing what the outcome will be. I like it.