Monday, December 13, 2010

Oryx Caravan Launch - Picture Heavy!!

My son Ali wanted to photograph the Oryx Caravan.  Unless otherwise noted, he took all these!

Zaman Jasem - Saudi Arabia

Zaman Jasem - Saudi Arabia

Nja Mahdaoul - Tunisia  This man is very widely known for his Arabic Calligraphy.  

Anwar Sonya - Oman

Amrut Patel - India

Jamal Abdulrahim - Bahrain

This was an embarassing story.  As Amal and I walked up to this display, I walked around and was totally thinking outloud and put my hands up chest level and with my hands thumbs down and four fingers up; I did like a squishy-on-the-butt movement and said very loudly, "Oooh, I LIKE this!!".  I then looked up at Amal and then looked to my right and there was Jamal.  Grinning.  I split!

Abdallah Akar  - Tunisia

Maryam Al-Zadjali - Oman (a woman!)  FAVORITE

Stephanie Borg - Malta  FAVORITE

Close up of the head dress so typical for Omani women.

The kids with Stephanie.

Sarah White - England

Buddor Al Riyami - Oman

Rashmi Dauria - India

Riadh Abdi - Tunisia

Ali Al-Mahmeed - Bahrain

My Ali turned around and exclaimed, "Mommy, HIS name is ALI toooo!!"  He is still amazed that others have his name.  I don't think he realizes how common the name Ali is!

Radhika Hamlai - Oman

Ok.  Here is where we discovered that there was not a name placque.  I asked him, the one on the left, and he said they did not have one ready for him.  He is Omani by the attire.  I had Ali take a photo of his signature but did not post here as I can't read Arabic!  The cool thing about this one is that he cut out the design and then put a light in.  You can see the cord dangling but, of course, where we were, there was no way for him to plug it in. The logistics.  I will keep a keen eye out for this one!

Yousuf Al Nahwi  FAVORITE

No name plate but he is the one I met the previous day when I saw him finishing up.  I just love the color and the story behind it and the Arabic design.  He has his Oryx standing on a mirror so you can see the belly that he painted.

Here is the belly reflected on the mirror.  It's upside down but you can see the 'people' migrating in between the design.

Here is his signature.  Arabic script, calligraphy, very pretty.

Here you can see two dudes sleeping on the migration!  See all the people 'walking, walking'?

No name, but you can see that it is Omani people in village life and playing instruments.  More in the center and just the head, you can see a bedouin (ones that live in the interior of the country) woman covering her face in a gold looking mask.  It is made of fabric, not metal!

No information

No information either but just look at how the Oryx is draped with Arabic letters.

This one is so pretty.  It's like something was molded on top and the detail is amazing.

A close up of the face.

No information

No information

No information but cool zebra looking!

No information

Raya Al Manji - I met her the previous day as well.  Doesn't this look so realistic?

Close up of the eye with the Omani Khanjar

I wish I would have spent more time if any at all looking at this one.  This one was a collaboration of all the artists.  Darn it!

I am assuming that Ali took this shot because he recognized Stephanie's lady!

No information.  Lovely color though!

Anna Dudchenko - Russia

I know Anna.  She is very nice and very talented.  I did not get to meet with her as she was busy talking to people.

No information

No information.  Very nice looking tiles?

No information

I don't have the name but this gal shown is the artist talking to someone and she is from India.

Mohamed Al-Marmari - Oman  FAVORITE

I met him and talked to him.  He showed me again, Arabic script.  Beautiful.  He wanted to depict the desert as this is where the animal lives.  Well done!

A close up.

No name but I know another woman from India!

No information but certainly beautiful!

No information but looks like a cheetah!  Ali was taken with the zebra and this one!

No information but it is very reminiscent of Omani chests.  Like the ones you store stuff in or a trunk.

No information.  Ali caught the face in the center there.

Job done!  He was exiting on the red carpet!  How cute!  I took this shot! He captured 37.

Thanks for stopping by.  This took me hours to post.  I look forward to the media coverage on this!


Anonymous said...

Wow, it would be difficult to pick a favorite. All are beautiful!

Sandra W said...

Amazing!! How I admire the many artists. I was thinking these would make a very cool couple of scrapbook pgs sis! :) Along with the explanations of course.

Alia said...

Lois: They are aren't they!

Sandi: Yes, they would! Ali did a great job. I'm dying to know which three he missed though! There were 40 and he captured 37 not counting the one that all the artists painted. I really wish I would have looked at that one. I will hunt it down in the city and go and see it. Amu and I were at the doctor last night and I picked up a magazine and there was a large feature on this. I got some more names.

BintElOud said...

Ali was short :O